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Fleet management with a heart #gpsilife

This week, 10 GPS Insight employees went to the Ronald McDonald House to prepare and serve food to the families who stay there. With their kids in the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and usually not from the area, they stay there for sometimes months on end.

“This was our second time participating in this event. You leave feeling incredibly blessed, with life in a new perspective,” said Carrie Race, Sales Coordinator, who planned the event for GPS Insight along with the #GPSIlife committee, who are the driving force behind community outreach at GPS Insight.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of the event for our team was interacting with two families in particular who had been there for months who were happy because they were going home this week (today in fact)!” said Race. “One family has a little boy with cancer and the other with a premature baby.”

Carrie, along with nine other coworkers, went to Costco for ingredients first, then prepared spaghetti with sauce, Italian sausage, garlic bread, and Caesar salad. Although someone in the group did burn some of the noodles at one point, everything went smoothly, and the food turned out great.

gps insight volunteering

Even though the families’ children might suffer from all different kinds of ailments, they are bonded in the love they have for kids.

The group of GPS Insight employees had an amazing time and enjoyed giving back. If you are interested in becoming involved with the Ronald McDonald House, you can visit for more information.




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