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Billy Barker

Author: Billy Barker

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Salvation Army’s Forgotten Angels program

GPS Insight Gives Back: Employees Participate in Forgotten Angels Program

At GPS Insight, we enjoy getting in the spirit of giving back during the holidays. To help make the season bright for children in our community, our employees graciously donated gifts to help supply the Salvation Army’s Forgotten Angels program. The Forgotten Angels is part of the Salvation Army’s Christmas Angel Trees. This drive provides toys for any children whose tags are not chosen or cannot be fulfilled for any reason.

GPS Insight Christmas Tree Toy Drive

We invited our employees’ little ones to help decorate our Christmas tree – and they had a blast! They helped make homemade decorations, including GPS Insight themed ornaments.

Kids Decorating GPS Insight Ornaments

Giving back is such a wonderful feeling and we are glad to participate in this great cause. It was also a fun time for employees to spend time with their children at the office and getting to know each other’s family.

Details about the Forgotten Angels Program
Each year, there are approximately 8,000 tags that are left without a host to fulfill them. The focus of the Forgotten Angels drive is to provide an allotment of toys to make sure each child enrolled in this program receives a gift at Christmas.



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