Electronic Logging Device

An electronic device that is capable of recording a driver’s hours of service and duty status accurately and automatically and meets the requirements outlined in the September 30, 2015 US Department of Transportation Hours of Service mandate. The now vacated §395.16 of the Department of Transportation’s Title 49 outlines the minimum information that must be collected by an EOBR

The following are the requirements for an ELD:

Name of Driver and any Co-Driver(s)
Duty Status (e.g. Off Duty, Sleeper Berth, Driving, etc.)
Date and time
Location of Commercial Motor Vehicle
Distance Traveled
Name and US Department of Transportation Number of motor carrier
24-hour period starting time
The multiday basis (7 or 8 days) used by the motor carrier to compute cumulative duty hours and driving time
Hours in each duty status for the 24-hours period and total hours
Truck or tractor and trailer number
Shipping document number(s), or name of shipper and commodity

If your business is required to use Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) to track Hours of Service (HOS), the GPS Insight ELD Solution could be the right fit to ensure your fleet’s compliance with the ELD mandate.

Along with gaining compliance, businesses are using our technology to solve other issues facing their fleet operations. Our ELD solution allows you to view available drive time for each driver to make better logistics decisions, reduce driver distraction from dispatch, eliminate the errors associated with paper logging, ensure DVIRs are complete to prevent overdue maintenance and expensive repairs, and more.

Go beyond compliance and equip your fleet with the GPS Insight ELD Solution.

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