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This Driveri FAQ answers the most-common questions about one of the most-powerful fleet safety tools available, including:

  • How much footage can Driveri hold?
  • Can you watch drivers in real time?
  • Why is Driveri better than a simple dash cam?
  • Is Driveri always on?
  • What does Driveri cost?

FAQ: The Driveri Camera

The Driveri smart camera is a significant step up from the dash cams you’ll see in taxis, ride shares, and personal vehicles. The answers to the Frequently Asked Questions will show why it’s a great option for commercial vehicles and fleets.

How much footage can the Driveri smart camera store?

Driveri can store up to 100 hours on the device itself. Still need more? The Driveri smart camera is connected to the cloud, where it can store all the clips you need. Your drivers can manually trigger Driveri to upload a 60-second clip. Video events are stored for 3 months, while non-video events — such as Driver History, Reports, and GreenZone statistics — are stored for 12 months plus the current month.

Your office staff can also request and download clips.

Can I watch what my drivers are up to in real time?

Watching your drivers in real time would require an enormous amount of bandwidth, so it’s not possible at this time.

Also, we view Driveri as a positive coaching tool. That means you really shouldn’t see anything that isn’t associated with a triggering event – for example, running a stop sign, speeding a high G-force rating that might indicate an accident, hard braking, or other infractions.

We know many drivers already think in-cab cameras are an invasion of privacy. That’s not the best way to use cameras. We’d rather Driveri be a “big brother” you turn to for help, not the “Big Brother” from 1984. Positive reinforcement is your best route to driver acceptance and even advocacy.

driveri faq

Why not just use a regular camera?

Most dashcams have just one lens that points forward. That can be adequate for some needs, especially in personal vehicles. Commercial vehicle dash cams need to offer more to be effective. Here are a few examples:

  • The ability to record, store, and access triggering events saves time and effort. If your vehicle is in an accident, you’ll save time and ensure that the footage is available. With most dash cams, fleet employees would have to physically get the storage medium (often an SD card), scroll through it, find the relevant clips, and store them in a secure place. Driveri handles this automatically.
  • Multiple views offer more context to any potential accidents. Plus, what if the incident isn’t viewable from the forward-facing camera? Driveri offers a full 360-degree view.
  • A regular dash cam can only react to accidents. Driveri and its coaching features will help your drivers prevent accidents. They’ll get fact-based feedback about their driving habits – and not just the bad ones. Driveri also notes safe, courteous driving. Driveri and its Green Zone scoring system give drivers a score from 0-1,000. It automatically analyzes every moment on the road, deducting and adding points based on each driver’s behavior. That helps your employees improve.

Here’s even more information about the differences between regular dash cams and AI-equipped smart cameras like Driveri.

Is Driveri always on?

Driveri is always on when the ignition is on. It can also record up to 10 hours while the ignition is off, depending on the privacy settings specified by the client. After the 10 hours are up, it’s not possible to trigger recording until the engine starts up again.

This will drain the vehicle’s battery, though, so be sure customers are aware of the potential for dead batteries. In Privacy Mode, the device will only activate during a g-force event. Fleet managers can detect theft this way when trucks are parked.

Can I turn the driver view off?

The driver-facing view is optional. Your management team can turn it off fleet-wide, but not for individual vehicles.

Drivers can, however, use a bag that’s available for sale to cover the entire camera. This is for entering sensitive areas that might not allow cameras.

There’s also a plastic piece that drivers can put over the inward-facing camera with your permission.

How much is the Driveri camera?

We have several options, including camera-only and GPS bundles. These range from $30 to $60 per month, per vehicle.

There are a few variables, so connecting with a GPS Insight fleet expert can ensure that you get the most-accurate quote for your needs.

Dash Cam Policy - Who Can See Footage

Is there a contract requirement?

Yes, GPS Insight requires a contract for customers to use the Driveri smart camera.

Can the driver get in-cab alerts?

You can opt in to alerts for speeding, tailgating and distracted driving. These can be enabled upon purchase (listed as a configuration on the estimate) or after purchase by coordinating with our support team. Cameras cannot be enabled one at a time, but are enabled/disabled for the entire account.

How does Driveri transmit footage to the cloud?

It uses the T-Mobile network and a 1GB/month data plan. We can offer other networks, as well. Each camera is equipped with a SIM card.

Can I get a video that wasn’t recorded as a triggering event?

Yes, as long as it hasn’t been overwritten on the device. The accompanying web app contains a submission request process to get videos on 1-minute increments.

However, customers are limited to 10 requests per camera, per month.

Visit our Driveri Smart Camera page to learn more about how this advanced AI-powered camera can help revolutionize your fleet’s safety program.


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