Trailer Tracking

Track your trailers like never before. Trailer tracking is about much more than just location; it’s about solving your real business challenges for true fleet intelligence.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need to know the temperature of my reefer trailers?
  • Do we frequently lose trailers?
  • Is it difficult to find the right trailer for the job?
  • Not sure which trailer is which in the yard?
  • Wish you knew where a trailer is in the yard?
  • Have trouble tracking maintenance on your trailers?
  • Not sure how many hours a trailer was used in a given timeframe?
  • Can you quickly verify drops and pickups or determine any stops?
If you said “Yes” to any of these, you’ve come to the right place. We can help with all of these challenges!
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Solve Your Trailer Management Challenges with Trailer Trackers

What trailer management challenges are you facing today? If finding your trailers in the yard, if at all, is a challenge, you’re not sure how many hours a trailer was used in a given timeframe, or you are unable to verify when drops or pickups take place – you are not alone. The GPS Insight solution can help solve your trailer management challenges, giving you the insight to reduce costs, reduce risk, and increase revenue.

Tracking Trailers in Action

Averitt Express, a leading freight transportation and supply chain management provider, attributes their growth and success to providing quick and quality service to their customers and associates. Watch this video to learn why Averitt Express trusts GPS Insight to help streamline their transportation services to ensure they meet their standards of excellence for every customer they serve.

Why Choose Our Tracking Solutions

GPS Insight has industry-leading trailer tracking devices and software designed for quick implementation, ease of use, high automation, and actionable information.

Tailored solutions based on your needs


Another level of trailer fleet organization


Insight you can't find anywhere else


Low cost solutions for as low as $.50 a day


GPS Insight vs. Other Tracking Companies

No one focuses more on the customer experience and the flexibility of their tracking systems than GPS Insight.

Consultative Approach

Our consultative approach is a concierge buying process unlike any other tracking company.

Continuous Advancement

We are continually advancing our tracking solutions to stay at the leading edge of trailer management technology.

Customizable Features

You can customize the information to be exactly what you need and the way you want to see it.

First Class Service

We offer you 24/7/365 customer service to ensure you always get the help you need.

Unmatched Scalability

We keep the quality of our product consistent, regardless of your business size.

Unlimited History

You can access your trailers’ historical location data forever.

Installation Process

You will be up and running quickly with our fine-tuned installation process.

Customer Satisfaction

We focus on building lasting partnerships with impactful results.

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