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The landscaping business isn’t easy – from cheaper fly-by-night competitors to season changes in cash flow, you have no shortage of challenges. Here are some of the key issues, along with tips to turn them into opportunities.

Fending off Low-Priced Competition
Navigating Government Regulations
Juggling Your Workload
Managing Fluctuations in Income

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Fending off Low-Priced Competition

The landscaping business is competitive – it’s relatively easy to set up a business and get started. That puts established businesses like yours in the position of fending off newcomers who try to undercut you on price. So what can you do?

Creating a better customer experience can set you apart and show your value.

Most lower-priced competitors can’t take credit card payments on-site. They also don’t provide customer portals with all of their service history or schedule appointments electronically. This is especially helpful for younger clients who are used to instant communication – think of how many of them follow their Uber driver on the app!

If you have the right landscape management solution, you have what you need to keep your clients from ditching you to save a few bucks.

Payments in the field

Managing Fluctuations in Income

Two of the biggest challenges to your income are fluctuations in weather and economic conditions.

If your business is based where snowfall is a factor, you might not have as many jobs during the winter months. And when the economy is weak, people view landscaping as a luxury rather than a necessity. What can you do?

Be versatile. Some landscaping businesses are dual-purpose (e.g. landscaping most of the year, snow removal the rest of the year).

Make sure you manage your cash flow and prepare for fluctuations in your business for low seasons and potential economic fluctuations. Software solutions help through easier invoicing and payment collection. The reporting feature in the GPS Insight landscape business management software, for example, can help you to understand your revenue stream throughout the year. It provides insights you need to manage the revenue you generate to cover you during the low season.

Navigating Government Regulations

Local, regional, and federal regulations can trip up even the most-cautious business owner. You have to be aware of everything from your leaf blowers and water use to rules restricting fertilizer purchases.

There are ways to navigate these issues, of course. You can join industry associations and stay active in the community to remain aware of legislation/regulation changes at the local and state levels.

Technology provides another option. Landscape business management software can help you stay in compliance and provide documentation (for example, checklists for inspections and photos from job sites).


Juggling Your Workload

Most landscape business owners work alongside their employees often – in addition to dealing with payroll, scheduling, finding new customers, and all those other “minor” details.

Landscape business management software can automate many of your administrative processes.

With electronic records of all your activities, you’ll save time compared to sifting through paperwork. That means more time for finding more new clients and scheduling more jobs!

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“GPS Insight has a great product and great support staff. I have never had a problem getting ahold of support and they have always been friendly and willing to help, even with more obscure requests for reports.”

Blake Lehr, Singing Hills Landscape

Final Thoughts

Think of what you expect from businesses you deal with. You expect clear, timely communication. You want a convenient way to pay. You appreciate businesses that remember your previous transactions and make you feel like a priority.

Your current and prospective clients expect that from you.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a huge organization with unlimited resources to deliver a better customer experience. With the right technology, you can match the bigger competitors’ professionalism and set yourself apart from newcomers! That means more revenue and a better chance to grow.

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