GPS Insight & RTA Interface

GPS Insight & RTA Interface

January 22, 2018

Glendale, AZ – RTA Fleet Management Software (“RTA”), one of the fleet maintenance software industry’s leading providers, announces new product integration in regards to GPS capabilities.

RTA has entered into a vendor partnership with GPS Insight. GPS Insight, the first customizable GPS tracking software for fleet-based businesses, was first introduced into the marketplace in 2005, as The GPS Insight Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solution. RTA is excited about the new capabilities that this partnership brings. “GPS Insight has proven to be a great partner to work with, helping us to make this integration as full featured and mature as possible” stated RTA’s CEO, Josh Turley. If you’re a GPS Insight customer, and you’re tracking your vehicles using their hardware, with our new RTA interface add-on, you’ll be able to pull your GPS Insight data into the RTA program without any manual entry. There are two available components with this interface add-on:

Component 1: Downloading vehicle odometer readings, creating transactions, and feeding them into the RTA EFI (Electronic Fuel Interface). The transaction file can then be reviewed before updating the vehicles in RTA. If you’re currently using the RTA EFI to load your onsite and offsite fuel transactions, the GPS Insight interface will simply add these additional odometer transactions seamlessly into the fueling process you’re already familiar with.

Component 2: Downloading Diagnostic Trouble Code Alerts for your vehicles and creating an issue ticket through the RTA Driver Reports add-on module. If you’re not familiar with the RTA Driver Report, it allows you to feed complaints from different data streams including the GPS Insight data, review the complaints, and push these into active work orders where necessary, to create an effective pipeline for your unscheduled work.

Ryan Driscoll, Marketing Director of GPS Insight, said, “We are excited to partner with RTA and integrate these two powerful and impactful solutions for our customers. Having important data flowing from GPS Insight to RTA further improves our customers’ experience with our fleet management technologies. Turley added, “It has been great working with another Arizona based company who is as energetic and passionate about fleet needs as we are. We are both striving to find ways to automate and streamline fleet processes, and this integration accomplishes that and more so. This integration is one of the latest ways that we are fulfilling our mission of making a positive impact in the lives we touch.”

For additional information on the details of this interface, check out our video below or contact RTA directly at or 1-800-279-0549.

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GPS Insight is a top technology provider of tailored GPS tracking and ELD solutions for businesses with fleets of vehicles, trailers, and other mobile assets. Businesses work with GPS Insight to solve their unique fleet challenges through increased revenue, reduced costs, and reduced risk. GPS Insight provides highly flexible solutions, tailored to meet specific customer requirements and ensure maximum return on investment. Visit to learn more.

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