GPS Tracking Solutions for Utilities

GPS Insight Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions are proven and trusted by Utilities and Co-ops all over North America.

Your Challenge

You manage a utility fleet and need more advanced insight into your fleet operations in order to become more effective and efficient, while cutting costs and improving employee safety.

The Solution

GPS Insight will provide the visibility you need to streamline your fleet operations in order to reduce costs, reduce risk, and increase revenue.

Rural Electric Cooperative (REC) wanted a way for a lineman to call for help should an emergency situation arise. They were thinking of a panic button, which isn’t a standard AVL product. GPS Insight, told REC it could create one for them. Months later, a lineman was in a raised bucket when a fire engulfed his truck. In this instance, AVL technology came to the rescue.

Reduce Fuel Costs

  • Limit speeding, idling, hard braking/rapid acceleration
  • Reduce run-time
  • Eliminate unauthorized usage
  • Optimize routes
  • Verify fuel card expenses

Improve Customer Service and Member Satisfaction

  • Respond quickly to customer emergencies
  • Provide location information to customers and partners
  • Service more customers per day
  • Confirm job completion
  • Bill more accurately
Utility Truck Tracking

Deploy Resources More Efficiently

  • See all vehicles and assets in real-time
  • Determine who’s closest to next job
  • Send routes to drivers over the air
  • Review historical trip data to analyze efficiencies

Improve Fleet Safety

  • Reduce accidents and fatalities
  • Ensure your vehicles are in safe condition to drive
  • Immediately send help to employees in emergency situations

Share Data Between Different Software Platforms You Use

  • Easily integrate data via API, webhooks, map overlays, data connect, or data dump
GPS tracking map showing power lines as a overlay option

Example map overlay showing power lines.

Vehicles Tracked



icon-quote-left2 I can’t imagine that any company that has a fleet of vehicles big or small would not benefit from a tracking system that pays for itself. icon-quote-right


Mike L., Purchasing & Fleet Manager, Western Utility

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