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GPS Tracking Dashboard.

Fleet Insights at a Glance. Configure and customize your workspace to get quick access to what matters most.

Stay current on important notifications.

Find out what’s happening with your vehicles right when it happens. From safety issues to “Check Engine” notifications, you’ll head problems off quickly. You can even get notified when vehicles sit idle for too long.

Get up to 100 recent alerts for a selected vehicle group, ranging from 10 minutes to 5 days ago. You can also display up to 200 service reminders for any vehicle group, showing upcoming or past due alerts.

Up Your dispatch efficiency.

The Route dashboard provides driving distance, time, and directions for a route or list of addresses, landmarks, or points, with one-click optimization according to the most efficient path.

Additionally, you have the options to map routes, send them to drivers, and save them for quick and easy future access, all from within the dashboard.

Prioritize your KPIs.

Comparing your vehicles statistics is a huge help for identifying vehicle utilization trends. Get quick access to information about idle hours, miles driven, speeding, gas mileage and more going back 30 days. Get totals and averages for total visibility.

See these metrics in easy-to-read graphs that can show groups of as many as 500 vehicles, all set to the hierarchies that matter for your organization.

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