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Author: Justin Schmidt

Author: Justin Schmid

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GPS Insight Forward IconHow to Introduce Dash Cams to Employees

Here are a few steps you can take to roll dash cams out to your employees.

  • Create a dash cam policy.
  • Get a capable camera.
  • Set data-driven benchmarks for drivers.
  • Make it clear that you won’t spy — and stick to that.
  • Show how dash cams can help them.
  • Reward good driving.

6 Key Tips to Introduce Dash Cams to Employees

One of the most-daunting parts of installing dash cams in your fleet vehicles is getting employees used to the idea.

You’ll hear many of them say “it’s Big Brother” or “how would you like a camera recording everything you do at your desk?” Honestly, we’ve never heard of a four-desk pileup closing a highway for four hours or sending anyone to the hospital, so it’s not much of a comparison.

That doesn’t mean your employees’ concerns aren’t valid. There are right and wrong ways for fleet managers and owners to use dash cams.

If you want employee buy-in for dash cams, taking these actions can help.

Create a Dash Cam Policy

Step 1 for getting employee buy-in for dash cams is creating a policy for their use. Yes, even before you select the right camera for your fleet. This will help you in two ways:

  1. It sets expectations and guard rails for both drivers and managers
  2. It helps you set goals that can help you in the procurement process

Yes, creating a policy is a hefty task that will require guidance from management, drivers, your legal team, and possibly others. But it’s a worthwhile endeavor. 

Get a Capable Camera

There are all sorts of dash cams on the market, ranging from basic models that simply face forward on the dash and record to a MicroSD card to cameras with multiple views and Artificial Intelligence.

A basic camera can’t really do much to help improve drivers. That’s because they only work after an accident: You can get the camera and media card, look through the footage, find the time of the accident, and try to determine who was at fault.

AI-equipped cameras let you skip all that: Some can automatically review and transmit the information to your office.

Also, basic cameras don’t evaluate every moment your driver is on the road and grade the driver. Advanced models like Driveri can recognize courteous or defensive driving, and give drivers a bonus on their monthly scorecard for being safe.To recap, a basic camera can maybe find fault after an accident. In addition, advanced AI camera can recognize all the context of your drivers’ habits and actions.

driveri smart camera body2

Set a Benchmark with Your Drivers

When one GPS Insight customer decided to add cameras to their fleet vehicles, they took two actions: They told them cameras would soon be installed (some employees grumbled and said they might leave the company), then they let employees drive with them for two days.

Those two days provided a wealth of information about their drivers’ habits. Company managers then met with each driver individually. The safety manager started each conversation by saying “let me introduce you to yourself.”

Together, they reviewed every safety violation triggered by their driving. They identified problem behaviors like running stop signs and speeding.

A week later, the drivers triggered their cameras 97 percent less often. They’ve maintained a similar rate ever since.

And not a single driver resigned.

Driveri GreenZone & Driver Star Scorecard

Dash Cams Do Not Equal Spying on Your Drivers – And Let Them Know You Won’t

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do, it’s randomly look in on your drivers. Your office team should only see footage created by unsafe driving – or by the drivers triggering the camera to transmit.

Really, not every smart dash cam can do this. And for good reason – it’s a sure way to waste time for little reason.

Who has time to sit at their desk and watch drivers? You shouldn’t. The better way to use a dash cam for coaching is to set up alerts that will inform you of unsafe driving habits. That’s far more productive than randomly peering into drivers’ cabs.

And it’s a far better way to prevent drivers from being targeted for unfair reasons.

Make it clear that you’re not going to randomly spy – and definitely let them know if your camera can’t even do this.

Provide Examples of Dash Cams Helping Drivers

Drivers might be a bit jaded about management types telling them how dash cams can help them. So give them real-world examples.

Show them footage where the camera provided indisputable evidence that a driver wasn’t at fault.

You can also show examples of situations where cameras have protected drivers from fraud. Scammers often target fleet vehicles hoping for a quick insurance payout – that’s sometimes easier than going to court.

A dash cam can be all the evidence a driver needs to protect themselves and their organization.

Be Sure to Recognize Good Driving

If you have a modern, highly capable fleet dash cam, the system might be able to automatically score drivers.

So why not reward the highest scorers and motivate other drivers to improve?

From gift cards to time off, rewarding drivers can help dash cams gain acceptance.

It’s not easy driving a commercial vehicle safely, and your employees spend most of their working days on the road. They deserve recognition for all they do to make the roads safer.

Final Thoughts on Introducing Dash Cams to Employees

Most of these tips come down to transparency. Discuss what you expect from your drivers – but also outline what you expect from your management team.

Be sure to stick to the policies you create and focus on making sure your drivers go home safe after every shift. Focus on rewarding good driving and coaching – rather than punishing – unsafe driving.

Before long, your drivers will be glad to had a quality dash cam in their corner.

Be sure to stick to the policies you create and focus on making sure your drivers go home safe after every shift. Focus on rewarding good driving and coaching – rather than punishing – unsafe driving.

Before long, your drivers will be glad to had a quality dash cam in their corner.

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