gps tracking benefits

How GPS Tracking Benefits Your Vehicle Health

Have you ever considered how GPS tracking benefits the health of your fleet’s vehicles? Making sure you know each vehicle’s last oil change, tire rotation, smog check, brake inspection, transmission flush, etc. can help you get more from them.

Even well-organized businesses overlook one – or even more – of these at one time or another, though. GPS tracking can help you manage your vehicle maintenance and reduce the odds of breakdowns hurting your business.

Improved Maintenance Scheduling

One of the most-important GPS tracking benefits is the ability to run a cleaner and healthier fleet.

gps tracking benefits
GPS Insight has a maintenance scheduling module that allows fleet managers or maintenance managers to easily track maintenance services.

By using the GPS Insight maintenance scheduling module, you’ll receive a reminder when service is upcoming or due. You can also run a report to see an overview of upcoming or overdue maintenance.

Using a maintenance feature within GPS fleet tracking software will help prevent breakdowns. These breakdowns lead to lost business, time wasted getting vehicles fixed, and paying your techs for unproductive time.

An In-Depth Fleet Utilization Report

You can also increase the lifespan of your vehicles by balancing how often you use them. Tracking software offers insights into how frequently your vehicles are on the road so you make adjustments to distribute the workload.

gps tracking benefits

A fleet utilization report can give you information such as how many trips have been made, days utilized, engine hours, distance, and even which employees are driving the vehicles.

These are just a few examples of how GPS tracking makes fleet management easier for you.

Get GPS Tracking Benefits for Your Fleet

Maintenance scheduling, automated reminders, and overview reports are proactive ways of keeping your vehicles in prime condition. That means getting more work done and making your customers happy.

Now that you are aware of how GPS tracking benefits your fleet, why not give it a try?