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Wrapping Up the Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference and Expo

The recent Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference and Expo in Durham, NC, gave GPS Insight a great chance to connect with organizations interested in the latest practices to reduce emissions from their fleets. We had a booth in the expo area, and team members Mike MacComiskey and Josh Schwartz also presented: They had a time slot during the Integrated Fleet Technology Solutions breakout session.

Mike and Josh shared some observations from their time at the conference. Here’s what they had to say!

Who Was at the Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference?

More than 300 guests representing mostly government agencies attended. Our team was impressed with the turnout and the quality of the content.

This year’s program was tightly focused on alternative fuels, including CNG, propane, and electricity.

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The Telematics Connection to Sustainability

Every fleet wants to run cleaner. It’s a sure way to improve local air quality, save money, and put your best foot forward. Of course, switching to fuel-efficient, low-emissions vehicles is an obvious way to improve your fleet’s carbon footprint.

But that’s not always quick or easy. A fleet might be early in its life cycle. An organization might not have the budget to make a fast transition.

Mike and Josh made the point that fleet management solutions offer a way to fit in with the Clean Cities mission. They address idle reduction, fleet utilization, and fuel spending.

One Easy Example

The team launched their presentation with an attention-grabbing number: $75,000. So what’s that number mean?

Imagine a fleet with 100 medium-duty vehicles per year allowing them each to idle 100 minutes per day in one year. That would cost the fleet an extra $75,000. Clearly, any government organization could find far better uses for that extra money.

Fleet management solutions offer ways to cut idle time – and evaluate the differences between true idle time and working idle time. The software offers the data. Fleet managers can then use that information to find ways to reduce the fleet’s idle time.  

“We really wanted to make the point that telematics data isn’t just for fleet managers anymore,” Mike said. “Fleet solutions offer information that connects perfectly with many organizational goals, especially with sustainability initiatives.”

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