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GPS Insight Named 2022 Top IOT Vehicle Telematics Company

This space is usually reserved for the important strategies, tips, tricks, and trends that help fleet and field services run smoothly but sometimes, you just have to celebrate a little.

GPS Insight was just named the 2022 IOT Vehicle Telematics Company of the Year by Compass Intelligence. The award—selected by 40+ industry-leading press, editors, journalists, thought leaders, advisors, and analysts—recognizes companies, vendors, and organizations demonstrating innovation, leadership, disruption, and excellence in the technology industry.

“Innovation, leadership, and standing out in the crowd are vital to competing in these competitive markets,” stated Stephanie Atkinson, CEO & founder of Compass Intelligence. “Fleet operators require simplicity and flexibility, while ensuring their operations are error-free and drivers are safe. We are proud to honor GPS Insight this year during our 10th Annual awards program, showcasing the leading innovators and companies in Fleet and Vehicle telematics.”

It’s always rewarding to be recognized for your good work, and the entire GPS Insight team is honored to be chosen for all we have accomplished in vehicle telematics. We look forward to what the future has in store for our company and our industry.

Telematics is essential for engaging fleets, and with our recent acquisition of FieldAware, GPS Insight now offers an even stronger, more comprehensive toolbox that equips businesses to deliver services efficiently and safely. We are grateful to be named Vehicle Telematics Company of the Year and are excited to continue making our customers proud.

Of course, this recognition was only made possible because we have the opportunity to work with amazing fleet and field teams and companies across the country. It’s especially meaningful to be awarded for our technology this year because we understand the severe challenges fleet and field services businesses have endured due to the pandemic. Helping more companies achieve their goals during such difficulties is truly an honor!

GPS Insight is dedicated to make it simpler and safer for organizations to operate—on the road and in the field. Our solutions are transforming the way fleet and field service teams achieve operational efficiency and drive customer success, and our actionable insights help move our economy forward.

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