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FieldAware Software

GPS Insight & FieldAware Join Forces to Drive Customer Success

Last week, we took a major step forward with the acquisition of FieldAware, an industry leader in made-for-mobile, cloud-based field service solutions. This game-changing partnership creates a comprehensive, market-leading fleet management, field services and telematics software platform that provides fleets of all sizes with the innovative tools they need to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

Adding FieldAware’s technology significantly advances our field services and fleet tracking capabilities, allowing us to better serve customers of all sizes. Our enhanced solutions will guarantee service organizations high-quality, reliable service that drives greater efficiency and profitability—while enabling our customers to deliver a superior end-to-end service experience for their customers.

FieldAware Field Service Management Software
FieldAware Field Service Management Software
This union also expands our field service solutions to meet the unique digital field service challenges of mid-market and enterprise service organizations across core industries, such as industrial and commercial equipment, solar and renewable energy, facility and property management, waste management, construction, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing, while ensuring fleet performance—along with driver safety and compliance—to a customer base of more than 250,000 vehicles combined. Our customers will have the latest and most innovative tools to successfully chart the road ahead.

It’s a pretty big deal!

Customer Satisfaction vs. Customer Success

Joining forces with FieldAware not only extends our competitive advantage across the field service and fleet management landscape, but also provides new capabilities to transform customer satisfaction into a new standard: customer success.

Organizations across all industries understand the importance of customer satisfaction. For decades, customer satisfaction (CSAT) was judged by a simple formula: greater satisfaction = greater revenue. Today, however, we can meticulously quantify CSAT through comprehensive metrics and clearly defined KPIs. These metrics can provide a clear roadmap of how to increase satisfaction and drive revenue and have become a critical part of measuring effective field service operations.

All these detailed metrics and diagnostic tools allow service organizations to dig deeper and focus not just on customer satisfaction, but to identify what factors shape and define customer success.

FieldAware Reporting Tools
FieldAware Reporting Tools
When it comes to providing technology and solutions for organizations that focus on service management, customer success isn’t just meeting or even anticipating your customer’s requirements; it is using KPIs, reporting tools, data and your own products and services to develop a deeper understanding of your customers’ end goals, and become an indispensable partner to help each customer achieve them.

To evolve to a customer success-based service model, service operations will need to work together with their customers to identify a shared, customized set of metrics and KPIs that shape how success is defined. This understanding will reinforce the importance of not only having the tools to empower effective service delivery, but also to track how the operation is performing. Service managers are then able to provide a layer of transparency to their customers, which leads to relationships founded on trust.

The combined strength of GPS Insight and FieldAware’s offerings will provide field service operations the tools to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide the data critical to their customer’s success.

We’re ready for the challenge.

To learn more about our acquisition of FieldAware, check out the press release here.