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When you invest in technology, you expect to achieve results and maximize your return.
At GPS Insight, we couldn’t agree more.

Our passion for customer success defines our purpose as an organization. Building innovative solutions drives our creative problem solving and adaptability as a team, which we believe produces better products, experiences, and most importantly results for our customers. 


We typically see customers looking to partner at one of three levels of engagement with their telematics provider.

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Some organizations are looking for simple visibility within their fleet. This approach focuses on the basics, like location data and visibility into their driver’s daily activities. This is a tactical approach that will help customers get some solid baseline metrics to help them make decisions for their business.


When organizations move past “dots on a map,” they anticipate enhanced engagement from their partnership. They are using telematics to solve operational challenges and tend to be looking at their fleet from a more holistic perspective. These organizations are focused on proactively improving efficiencies and productivity and tend to appreciate a more involved partnership from their provider in the form of support, training, and metrics for their fleet.

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Customers that realize the most dramatic results operate at the engaged level. These organizations are looking for a partner to assist and drive strategic initiatives within their business. They still realize all of the operational efficiencies of traditional telematics implementations but also are using the data to drive growth, reduce risk, and even distance themselves from their competitors by creating truly better experiences with the data that they are collecting. Customers at this level have clearly defined goals and understand how they will work with their provider to measure their success.

What Level Are You Looking to Achieve?

Your engagement level will vary depending on your goals with telematics, and so will the provider that best meets your needs. The approach we believe works best is to establish the type of engagement that matches your organization’s objectives, and ensure the provider you choose meets the criteria.

Achieving Results.

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