The GPS Insight Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions are ideal for businesses delivering or transporting goods or passengers.

Your Challenge

Once your vehicles head out into the field there are too many unknowns. You are in need of a solution that will give you the insight needed to make critical business decisions and stay compliant with DOT regulations.

The Solution

The GPS Insight Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions will provide the real-time visibility and actionable data you need to effectively manage your fleet.

Vehicles Tracked

Crescent Electric Supply Company has saved BIG by reducing miles driven and extending vehicle lifecycles by two years as a result of using GPS Insight.

“We are better able to control costs, increase customer service, and streamline routes, and delivery runs.” Burnett T., Crescent Electric Supply Company

Ensure Safety of Your Drivers and Passengers

  • Monitor and coach driver behavior
  • Reduce accidents
  • Confirm proper vehicle maintenance
  • Immediately send help to drivers in need of assistance

Reduce Fleet Operating Costs

  • Lower fuel and labor costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Extend vehicle lifecycles
  • Lower Insurance premiums

Maintain Your Vehicles More Reliably

  • Schedule all maintenance for your fleet
  • Receive reminders for each service when due
  • View your maintenance report to see what is upcoming/overdue
  • Utilize Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR)
Work Smarter, Not Harder with GPS Tracking
Work Smarter, Not Harder with GPS Tracking
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Vehicles Tracked

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icon-quote-left2 5 stars across the board. I have used other GPS tracker interfaces and this one is by far the most user friendly and easiest to search, update, and understand. icon-quote-right

Rob F.
Auto Truck Group

Track Your Transportation Fleet

Improve Customer Service Quality

  • Respond quickly to customers
  • Provide location information to customers
  • Service more customer per day without adding drivers
  • Confirm job completion
  • Bill more accurately

Monitor Hours of Service to be DOT/FMCSA Compliant

  • Real-time data on driver availability and location
  • Roadside inspections are quicker and less stressful
  • Fines for common violations are virtually eliminated
  • Cost of paper forms is eliminated

Vehicles Tracked

Using GPS Insight’s real-time maps, West Coast Sand & Gravel is able to identify any vehicle or piece of equipment’s current location at a glance.

“At any given time, we know where our trucks are located. This affords us the ability to let our customers know when our vehicle will arrive to deliver or pick up material, all while not making a call to the driver.” Brad Z., West Coast Sand & Gravel

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