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Never Worry About an Audit Again.

Cut out the paper with DVIR. Using the GPS Insight DVIR App, digital daily vehicle inspection reports will improve communication and reduce maintenance costs, as well as downtime, without adding any unnecessary manual methods.



Stop chasing drivers for paperwork.

Keep your essential forms all in one place. Access vehicle inspection forms, safety equipment inspection checklists, and other customizable templates for commercial motor vehicle maintenance directly from your mobile device. In just a few taps, your drivers can seamlessly record and submit vehicle inspections for fleet managers to view anytime.


Create Inspection Form


Driver Submits Inspection

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Immediate Inspection History

Switch from Paper to Proper Today


Submit and Share Documents Instantly.

DVIR inspection forms are necessary to maintain the integrity of your fleet vehicles, as well as the safe operation of assets out in the field.

With electronic DVIRs, drivers can quickly snap a picture and send it to the back office instantly. Desktop users back at the office can access the data as soon as field operators tap ‘Save”‘. Collect and file in real time, instead of blocking off hours to transfer paper data to digital documents.

Drivers Find New Features They Love Every Day.

While EDVIRs make things incredibly easy for office workers filing digital docs, drivers gain a supreme advantage when compared to the manual methods they’ve been using for years.
All this historical data is made available to you in an exportable spreadsheet. Equipped with their tablet or smartphone, they can access all of the data they need without carrying a binder and wrangling up papers.

Start protecting your drivers now.

Benefits of using Digital Vehicle Inspection Reports with GPS Insight.

Streamline the vehicle inspection process and guarantee it’s done correctly and submitted on time with the perk of instant notifications after completion. Prevent drivers from operating vehicles with defects and set up repairs to get them back on the road. Remove the stress of illegible, manual DVIR books or frustrating audits from your business.

Get oversight on your equipment now.

Free Driver's Vehicle Inspection Report.

Download a compliant DVIR paper form that allows you to mark defective items and provide remarks.



Electronic Logging Devices through GPS Insight.

Safeguard your business, ensure full Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance, and eliminate paperwork with robust and flexible ELD and DVIR solutions.

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Top Features of the GPS Insight DVIR App.

Improve Wasted Time & Inaccuracies

Collect all vehicle damages and deficiencies through your mobile device — available on Apple and Android devices — with no need for paperwork or filing. Send repair requests directly to the back office to schedule quick fixes with your mechanic and set schedules for preventative maintenance.

Forced Checklist-style Forms

Secure your peace of mind by setting up checkboxes that must be filled before the inspection process is finished. Make sure drivers are thorough with their pre- and post-trip walkarounds, while extending vehicle lifetimes by catching small damages before they become big problems.


Vocally capture data without worrying about fat-fingering keys or tedious entry on a mobile device. Speech-to-text allows for rapid data entry by turning spoken word into digital text directly within the mobile app.

Easy to Read and
Download Reports

Managers can easily select to download batch reports within a specific timeframe. Save and download in PDF format or Excel.

Upload Photos
of Defects

Use your smartphone or tablet to take photos of any issues during each inspection. Attach photos to your DVIR so any managers, mechanics, or other field techs can review. Photos can also be uploaded from a camera roll if damages are noticed between inspection periods.

Customizable DVIR Points Based on Vehicle Class, Type, or Individual

Set up your own parameters for pre-and post trip inspection reports based on the make, model, class, or individual operator to drill down on specific metrics your fleet may need for driver coaching, bonus milestones, or company-wide inefficiencies.

Corroborate Driver Logs with DVIR.

How can you prove your drivers are completing their early-morning inspections? There is more than one way to check.

GPS Insight electronically logs your supporting documents that corroborate elogs, so you can be certain your crew is safe from violations.

Update Submitted Maintenance Records Immediately.

Team mechanics are now able to attach work orders directly within the app and verify, with signature, that repairs were completed. These sign-offs are sent directly to the initial inspection form or repair request so they’re always close by in case of an issue arises.

Driver Sign-Off Functionality

Recorded signatures can hold drivers accountable for what they review throughout each inspection. This prevents them from skipping steps while checking the vehicle’s most important aspects.

Monitor Repairs Everywhere

Track your work orders and repair status directly through the GPS Insight dashboard or mobile app and set completion alerts to let each user know when an asset is road-ready again.

Set Routine Maintenance Schedules

When you use DVIR in conjunction with our GPS tracking solution, you’ll have the insight you need to stay safe and compliant by setting preventive maintenance schedules. Reduce vehicle/driver downtime and keep your service routines concise.


Why customers choose GPS Insight.

See how GPS Insight users spend exponentially less time preparing and processing paperwork in the office and the field.

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Digitize Your Paper Inspections.

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