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Blog author Jenny Shiner

Author: Jenny Shiner

Marketing Communications Manager

Pricing GPS: What’s the Cost of GPS Tracking?

The first question many fleet managers and owners have is, “What is the cost of GPS tracking software?” when they begin researching this technology. To address the question of pricing GPS, there are necessary costs to consider, and then there are some add-ons that more than likely come at an additional cost.

GPS Tracking Costs

Your Buying Options

Customers can choose either 1- or 3-year agreements. Most will receive hardware at zero cost with free installation. This will work for many of our customers. In some cases, customers have very precise hardware requirements. These rare cases may require additional hardware fees.

Customers who sign month-to-month agreements will have hardware costs starting at $39.95 per vehicle.

Type of GPS tracking device: The type of GPS tracking devices that you need will also adjust the cost. If you are purchasing a basic vehicle or asset tracking device, the price is about the same, but the monthly service fee varies greatly between vehicles and assets. In most cases, tracking vehicles cost more per month than tracking assets.

Costs – Getting in the Ballpark

For GPS Insight customers, telematics pricing works on a per-vehicle/per-month basis. The per-unit cost correlates to the solutions and features you need to provide vsibility into your fleet and results that drive your business forward. Here’s what to expect at a base-level vehicle tracking cost.

14.95 – $32.95 per month, per vehicle.

Asset tracking (for trailers, equipment, etc.) is a bit different. Asset tracking starts at $12.95 with GPS Insight (depending on the type of equipment) and is structured by the number of times it communicates back to the server per day. The default for asset tracking is four times a day. But this can vary on the type of device and equipment the device is tracking.

Many businesses are looking into field service management software. While telematics addresses managing mobile assets, field service solutions focus on managing people and their time.


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    Installation is another key component to  the cost of GPS tracking.

    Typically, it breaks into two options: A professional installation or a self installation. Most GPS Insight customers choose professional installation, even though self installation can potentially reduce costs. It’s extremely important to perform installations correctly so there are no reporting issues with the device and no chance of driver tampering.

    Professional installations can also save time. Getting your units installed can be tricky, so we find the best results by using installers who handle these tasks day in and day out. The pro install option is available for all tiers and all contract lengths at an additional fee, when applicable. Some factors can cause the installation cost to change. These include vehicle or asset type, along with any additional add-ons to install like driver ID. Keep in mind that these additional costs are minimal compared to the savings your business will receive from GPS fleet tracking software.

    What if you decide to save some money and go the self-installation route? Good news – we’re still there to help. We offer guides (written and video) demonstrating how to perform the installation. These guides can help you or your maintenance team get your tracking solutions up and running. This is something to consider: It could save on upfront costs for your overall GPS tracking price.

    Blog author Jenny Shiner

    Author: Jenny Shiner

    Marketing Communications Manager