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Most people in the fleet world are aware of the benefits that tracking vehicles with GPS technology brings to a fleet-based business. These include big fuel savings, increases in productivity, and lower labor costs.

What many don’t know, is that there are other benefits as well. Some, you might say, are unforeseen or unexpected benefits.

Tracking Vehicles Reduces Accidents

GPS vehicle tracking software can help reduce accidents by monitoring driver behavior. Decreasing your number of accidents year over year by just a few, has a huge impact on your bottom line.

The average accident costs $16,500, according to OSHA. Tracking vehicles with GPS can reduce accidents by as much as 38%. This could be argued to be the most important benefit for your company once aware of it. Here is a great infographic describing how much can be saved by tracking vehicles:

Reduce Accidents by Tracking Vehicles with GPS Software

Insurance Discounts for Tracking Vehicles

More and more insurance companies are giving out discounts to fleets that install a GPS vehicle tracking solution of some kind. This is because you are making efforts to improve stolen vehicle recovery and monitor and change poor driving behaviors.

Insurance companies have been known to lower your premium by as much as 15%. Because of this, you see benefits to tracking your fleet as soon as it is installed.

Improve Customer Service

Tracking vehicles improves customer service in a few ways. Many companies do not realize the impact that this technology has on their customers.

Your business will improve customer service by having a quicker emergency response. Using efficient dispatching methods will speed up your response time, therefore serving customers faster.

If a customer wants to know where your service vehicle is or how long it will be before the driver arrives, you can easily check your maps and get an estimated time-of-arrival to give an accurate answer.

Serve more customers in a day because of GPS vehicle tracking as well. You will be more productive and efficient with each job, allowing your team to get more done in a day. Now you don’t have to make customers wait an additional day or two for service. As you know, customers appreciate quick service.

Fleets can provide proof of service with GPS tracking. They can pull a report on a vehicle or driver for a particular location or time of day and prove whether or not an employee provided service and how long they were there.

Community Value

GPS vehicle tracking technology will improve your image with the community. Did you know that?

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You can decrease GHG (Green House Gas) emissions by limiting idling and speeding, improving route efficiency and extra time on the road, and by staying on top of fleet maintenance. Emissions can be reduced by as much as 20%. The community will appreciate your green initiative.

Monitoring driver behavior will improve safety on the roads. This will decrease the amount of driving complaints from the public and will also reduce accidents.

There are many unforeseen benefits that tracking your vehicles will provide. Find out more by trying GPS tracking for yourself. Contact us