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GPS tracking software is quickly becoming one of the most widely used technology systems for organizations who utilize mobile work forces, such as security officers. The location data is analyzed to increase the efficiency of their fleet operations and, most importantly, to provide superior customer service in a number of ways.

GPS Tracking Software Provides Proof of Service

Security officer providers are able to use GPS tracking software to verify security officer patrols to ensure contract compliance and invoice accuracy for their clients. Their management teams can determine the amount of time a vehicle spent at a particular location, and the exact dates and times.

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When security officers make a stop at a client location, they are able to easily detail what they completed during the stop, as well as add an optional image for additional documentation. Notifications can also be sent upon arrival or departure, and mobile apps allow users to proactively check the whereabouts of tracked vehicles while away from their desks.

Security Officer Accountability

Management is not only able to immediately respond to issues with meeting post compliance, but can proactively monitor compliance via automated alerts that notify management if a patrol officer does not arrive at the jobsite. This helps managers ensure all posts are filled as scheduled. The same notifications can also be sent to customers for added peace of mind.

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Additionally, as GPS tracking software monitors a security officer’s shift, there is less end-of-shift documentation of patrols, allowing the security officers to dedicate more time to security responsibilities and less time to paperwork.

Enhanced Levels of Safety

GPS tracking software ensures driver safety. Driver metrics are monitored such as speeding, hard stops and fast acceleration, idle time, and total drive time to keep drivers safe. Monitoring these and other activities also extends the life expectancy of the vehicles themselves. If a security officer is in an accident while on patrol, the location of their vehicle can quickly be determined and help can be dispatched to the scene.

GPS tracking also helps security companies keep clients safe by ensuring that patrol officers are on site and actively securing the client location.

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“GPS Insight’s fleet tracking solution allows AlliedBarton personnel and clients to review the locations, activities and condition of security vehicles used to provide our services. This provides our clients and our personnel with the peace of mind that their facilities and personnel are being kept safe and secure, and that the vehicles and their drivers are also safe.”- David Feeney, IT Director, Integrated Solutions at AlliedBarton

Learn more about how AlliedBarton uses GPS fleet tracking in this Case Study. AlliedBarton utilizes GPS Insight in many locations nationwide as their official GPS tracking partner.