Some companies that are interested in GPS tracking tend to worry about how they will get return on investment (ROI) from the technology. The answer to that is easy: GPS Tracking Alerts!

GPS Tracking Alerts

Just by using alerts alone, you will discover the ROI from GPS tracking. Alerts are set to automatically send proactive messages to yourself, your supervisors, and even your drivers via SMS text message, email, or to a driver’s Garmin device. Alerts can be as specific as possible by selecting only certain vehicles, certain times, certain days, in certain landmark groups, and in any combination.

One of the most used alerts is the Idling Alert. Many customers have seen a significant ROI from utilizing the Idling Alert to cut down on fuel costs.

Example GPS Tracking Alert - Idle Time

Example GPS Tracking Alert – Idle Time

Reduce Idling to Save on Fuel

Assume that a customer’s goal is to reduce vehicle idle time from 1 hour to 20 minutes per day. The average cost of fuel is $3.50 and one hour of idle time=1 gallon of fuel. The fuel cost savings is $2.34 per day, per vehicle; which equates to $46.80 per month, per vehicle or $562 per year, per vehicle. With a fleet of 25 trucks, that is $14,050 on fuel savings from 1 alert!


A large customer of ours saw a $100,000 savings in fuel and 20,000 fewer gallons consumed in 1 MONTH from utilizing the Idling Alert.

To cut more on fuel costs, customers use the Speeding Alerts and Odd-Hours Alert as well.

Many companies see 100% ROI from GPS tracking alerts that are dedicated to fuel reduction alone. We haven’t even mentioned the ROI that comes from increased productivity, reduced labor costs, increased safety, improved customer service, etc.

It’s easy to save big money and see the ROI with GPS tracking. Contact us for more information.