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the business case for GPS tracking

How to Pitch GPS Fleet Tracking to Upper Management

GPS fleet tracking software solves many challenges that fleets face from driver accountability to improving efficiencies and safety (both for employees and the public). If you believe GPS fleet tracking can help solve the challenges your fleet is facing, read this article to learn the best practices for making the business case and getting buy-in across your organization.

Identify How GPS Tracking Can Solve Your Challenges

The first step to making the business case for any solution is identifying the problems your fleet is currently facing. Depending on the size of your organization, upper management may not even be aware of every day or long-standing issues within the fleet. This disconnect is your chance to bring them to light while also providing a solution. If they are aware of the challenges, then this is your opportunity to provide the solution.

It’s important to lay out how your fleet needs to improve and how GPS fleet tracking will help your organization achieve the goals you have. It is easier to get buy-in from upper management when there is a clear objective, such as a new safety initiative to help reduce the number of accidents and tickets the fleet currently receives.

Test-Driving a GPS Tracking Solution

share the dataOne of the easiest ways to receive buy-in from upper management to implement a GPS fleet tracking solution is testing one out on your fleet. Some GPS tracking providers offer pilot programs where they install devices on a select few vehicles and assets within your fleet to gather benchmark data for you to see the proof of the technology and that it is the answer to help overcome your challenges. It’s also an excellent chance to test out and see if the GPS tracking provider can do what they say they can.

Most importantly, it’s crucial to share the data with upper management and other departments that will be affected. Getting a benchmark of data at the beginning to reflect current performance will provide evidence that there are problems that need solving. Then during the pilot, you can utilize the GPS tracking software to address these challenges.

Proposing a GPS Tracking Solution

At the end of your pilot, you will have the data and proof you need to propose how GPS fleet tracking can effectively solve the issues your fleet is facing. Providing this to upper management will be vital to receiving their buy-in to move forward with purchasing a solution. Also, presenting the expected return on investment (ROI) can help positively position the purchase from their perspective. Showing upper management how you can hold drivers more accountable, increase efficiencies, and provide a safer work environment will be all you need to receive buy-in to implement a GPS fleet tracking solution.


Author: Lance Holt

Content Marketing Specialist