Are you spending too much time on invoicing and payroll? You most likely are and may not even realize it. Let us explain how GPS fleet tracking can help to minimize the time your fleet-based business spends on accounting.

GPS Fleet Tracking Improves Invoicing

How GPS Fleet Tracking Improves Invoicing

With GPS fleet tracking, you can easily pull reports on how many times a particular location was visited by a technician during a given time period and how long the tech was on location. This way you will no longer have inaccurate invoicing, which will increase the quality of your customer service, allow your company to defend any disputes, and most likely increase your bottom line because you will be sure you are billing for all of the hours worked.

How GPS Fleet Tracking Helps Payroll

If you do not have a GPS fleet tracking system in place, you most likely use time sheets for payroll. THIS IS NO LONGER NECESSARY! You are losing money on unnecessary over time and rounded hours that your employees may intentionally or most likely unintentionally be recording. Payroll is quite often the biggest expense for companies, so stop the bleeding now.

GPS Insight has the Begin/End of Day Report that identifies when a technician starts his/her day, any breaks that were taken, and when they finish the day. All of the hours for a particular pay period are calculated at the bottom of the report so that accounting doesn’t have to flip through stacks of paperwork to figure it out.

GPS Fleet Tracking Begin/End of Day Report

GPS Insight Begin/End of Day Report

Even if you use payroll software, we can most likely integrate with it to improve accuracy or can eliminate the need for another software platform that your team has to use. Why not have it all in one place?