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Preventing Holiday Theft with GPS Insight

Preventing Holiday Theft with GPS Insight

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but it’s also a peak period for theft, break-ins, and fleet or car theft. Protecting your valuables during this time is important, and one effective way to help with theft prevention is to depend on GPS Insight. Let’s explore how GPS Insight can help safeguard your business and create a peaceful and worry-free holiday season.

To help with theft prevention, GPS Insight can work as another tool in your security system, since it provides real-time monitoring and alerts. This can help offer protection against break-ins, car theft, and employee theft, making it a valuable tool for small businesses, large fleets, and individuals.

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Real-time alerts and tracking

With GPS Insight, you can receive real-time alerts in the event of suspicious activity. If there’s an unauthorized movement of your vehicle, you’ll be able to quickly contact the police department. GPS Insight is also your ally against burglars. In the unfortunate event of vehicle or car theft, the tracking system can help law enforcement track down your vehicle quickly, increasing the chances of recovery.

Improving security

GPS Insight isn’t limited to vehicle security. It can also improve the security of your workplace and garage. By monitoring the location of your vehicles and assets, you can make sure your locations remain in a safe place, even during the holiday season. GPS Insight can work alongside other security measures, like alarm systems and security cameras, to provide even more protection. It’s valuable for small businesses, adding an extra layer of protection against theft.

GPS Insight helps eliminate the ‘crime of opportunity’ factor by deterring thieves from targeting your vehicle. Dash cams are very visible – burglars are less likely to consider your vehicle an easy target when they know it’s protected.

Protecting your business

For renters and small business owners, GPS Insight offers peace of mind. It can be especially valuable for individuals with valuable assets and equipment that are vulnerable to theft, like small equipment, trailers, and other easy-to-move assets.

If you’re in empty parking lots during the holidays, GPS Insight can provide added security in potentially risky areas. Well-lit areas are not always sufficient, but having a tracking system in place can make all the difference.

Working with insurance companies

GPS Insight can also play a role in your relationship with your insurance company. Many insurers offer discounts for vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems, as they reduce the risk of vehicle and car theft and improve the chances of recovery.

Case Study: GPS Insight Helps Recovers Stolen Vehicle

Tacoma Public Utilities wanted to be able to recover stolen or lost vehicles, and they found that exact solution with GPS tracking from GPS Insight.

Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) provides safe, clean drinking water and electricity to 200,000 customers in Washington, as well as owns and operates a railroad. TPU manages approximately 1400 pieces of equipment, including heavy construction equipment, specially outfitted trucks, and boats. TPU uses GPS Insight tracking devices on 500 vehicles.

After an F-250 Ford pickups disappeared from their property, the company used GPS tracking to immediately discover the truck was parked at a local apartment complex.

“We started to do a little more investigating and pulling in some more information. With GPS Insight, we were able to gather a world of data that would narrow it down to one suspect. Our part is to hand over the information and let the police do their job. We got our vehicle back without any major damage, which was really what we wanted.” – Don Ashmore, Fleet Manager, Tacoma Public Utilities

This holiday season, protect your valuables and help your peace of mind with GPS Insight. Whether you’re worried about car theft, break-ins, employee theft, or the safety of valuable items, GPS Insight provides an effective solution. Don’t let theft and security concerns overshadow your festivities—improve your holiday season with GPS Insight.

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