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GPS Insight at NAFA 2008 in SLC

A group of GPS Insight employees exhibited at NAFA (National Association of Fleet Administrators) in Salt Lake City last weekend. We showed off some of our newest capabilities, and helped attendees to understand how GPS Insight differentiates itself from the 20 other...

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Google Earth 4.3 gives GPS Insight street views

Google just released a new version of Google Earth at It's slightly different from a navigation standpoint, but one of the nicest new features is the "Street View" which helps our customers to put their vehicles' activity in context. Here is a...

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GPS Insight and the US Border

That sounds like a lot more important title than it really is. My family and I went to Mexico for Spring Break last week and came back today. It takes a lot less time to get INTO Mexico than it does to get back. Everyone asked us "How long did you spend in line at the...

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Finding lost vehicles using GPS Insight

About once a month we hear from a customer who has recovered a stolen vehicle using GPS Insight (the other day we heard from a Miracle Method franchisee which led police to a recently stolen vehicle and had it recovered in >> SIX MINUTES <<). But honestly,...

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Cell-based sales notes/report and movement alerts

January was a busy month for us, we completed a number of customer requests and a few stand out. A sales based customer wanted to allow their salespeople to "text in" stop descriptions such as "stopped at Joe's Convenience Store to stock the shelves with our product."...

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Insane Idling times & the associated costs

With the cost of fuel over $3 per gallon, by far, the easiest way to save money with the GPS Insight product is to curb your fleet's idling activity. A GPS Insight salesperson asked our tech support to look into one of his customers' vehicles today, since he used it...

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GPS Insight Map Book Tool now available!

Here is a link to our new Map Book Tool. Thanks to some hard work from our staff, we have created a new tool for anyone who wishes to use it. As I mentioned in a previous post regarding map books, we have started...

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2 New Year’s Resolutions

After a very good 2007, full of work, play, and growth for GPS Insight, I needed to make 2 new resolutions for 2008. Get back in shape Do more online demos & video documentation of GPS Insight So, today I hit the gym again for the 5th time in the last couple...

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Merry Christmas !!!

Merry Christmas to everyone! Here is our GPS Insight version of the Christmas tree -- the US lit up with all the trucks we track every 2 minutes: Thankfully it's mostly red (stopped for > 1 hour) with only a few green/light green (moving/speeding), blue (idling),...

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