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More New Graphs (and many to come)

Recently (a week ago), we promised a lot of graphs coming, & here are 3 more: The top graph is a histogram of speeding events relative to the speed limit with different colors representing the severity of the speeding. The bottom graphs show 3 different...

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New Dashlet “grouping” mechanism

We just added the ability to “group” dashlets by a letter (A through H) by choosing a letter before dragging them off the dock: This allows you to choose a lettered “grouping” for maps, graphs, location dashlets, etc. So when you click on a...

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How to use Cell-Based GPS Insight capabilities

GPS Insight’s cell-based capabilities are now a part of our baseline offering  for customers. There are 3 capabilities: Cell Phone Maps (Mobile Mapping) SMS Messaging (to and from Dispatch) SMS Queries (using a text message to do things with your fleet) Here are...

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New SMS message sending capabilities from the Dashboard

We just added the ability to select a vehicle group and send an SMS message to all those drivers from the dashboard. Simple stuff, here are a couple screen shots: Send a message to all/some of a group (only those with cell #’s assigned show up): And look at...

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New improved Fleet Tracking iPhone App coming soon

We’re putting the final touches on our new Fleet Tracking iPhone App which will be available free to all GPS Insight users. Here are some highlights of improvements to the first version: First choose a group (in this case we’ve chosen ALL VEHICLES) and...

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Idling can cost you $2k in New York City!

I took a trip recently with my 2 boys to the greatest city on the planet (that I’ve been to yet, that is, & I probably haven’t been to your city yet so don’t get mad at me for saying that). The Big Apple — New York City. Everything is...

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New Graphs released to GPS Insight

We announced it 10 days ago, and now it’s available to our customers in production: A new set of 3 graphs are available (for starters).  We plan to rapidly release many more, to include begin/end of day, speeding, then a wasted miles graph which will show you...

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New Configurable Graphs coming soon

GPS Insight gives you access to tremendous amounts of information, and it is all very accurate. Sometimes all you want is to glance at what is going on with your fleet graphically. That is why we are developing a robust set of Graphs to be included anywhere you like...

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Going to Vegas with some GPS Insight employees!

So I head out tomorrow morning to Las Vegas for the  AFLA Conference (American Fleet Leasing Association), and probably won’t have much time for documenting GPS Insight in the blog. So I have to pick up 2 GPS Insight employees tomorrow, & don’t know...

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New Fleet Utilization Report is VERY POWERFUL

We added a new report called the “Fleet Utilization Report” last week. This allows you to view the following for up to a month for your fleet: Miles Hours driven Trips Days of use Now you can easily see in seconds (or less than a second, realistically):...

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New shapes and color coded vehicles in mobile mapping

GPS Insight includes the ability to group vehicles and assign shapes to them, and also color-codes them based on what their activity is. Now that works on most mobile mapping platforms – but NOT on the iPhone, which isn’t up to date yet 🙁 Additionally, we...

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