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Use it or lose it! (ROI that is…)

I was looking at one of our customers’ accounts the other day.  They have 23 vehicles.  Many people with that many vehicles think they “have a handle” on what’s going on. I was thrilled to see that this company was using GPS Insight to see what...

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New Checkbox/Filter capability

We have added a new filter & selection capability to our “Vehicle Selector” under the Graphs area of the dashlet “drawer”: Now you can unselect certain vehicles so they disappear from graphs, and you can add a “wildcard” filter...

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GPS Insight introduces new remote panic switch capability

We had a customer who needed to allow their drivers to remotely trigger a panic alarm which would go to their dispatch/safety personnel instantly. We found a good hardware vendor for the wireless keyfob component, and programmed the necessary parts to make this work...

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$3 million legal verdict for not having GPS tracking

Well, to be accurate, if St. Louis had installed GPS in its vehicles, might not have lost a recent $3 million verdict in court. Here’s the story: A jury ordered St. Louis $3 MILLION to a woman who claims a municipal truck cut her off and led to a single vehicle...

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GPS Insight adds support for Metric (KM, KM/h, etc.)

We have a number of companies which have asked for GPS Insight to support Metric vs. English (e.g. Kilometers vs. Miles, Liters vs. Gallons, etc.). So we now officially support Metric throughout the site for non-US customers, and for those in the US which prefer...

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Torn between two Garmin’s

I just got a couple new Garmin GPS Navigation device models which are both very cool but neither does everything: One knows all about Truck Restrictions: And the Garmin Nuvi 1490 T has “EcoRoute” which helps you know how “Green” you (or your...

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Why would you name your GPS device the “POO 7” ?

We get a lot of inquiries from Chinese manufacturers (all of our hardware is assembled here in the United States by the way). This one made me laugh — a lot. Why in the world would you name your device the Poo 7 (or any numbered variant of the word Poo)? I...

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New Hours of Operation Graph

Here is another new graph we’ve introduced for customers interested in knowing what time of day their vehicles are moving: We’ve also allowed you to sort based on “most to least,” “least to most,” and alphabetically by vehicle label...

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