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ELD Ruling

On December 10th 2015, the Federal Government passed the ELD ruling which requires the use of electronic logging devices by all drivers currently required to complete paper records of duty status (logs). ELDs are required to record vehicle location, which means that fleets will be in the market for logging devices with GPS tracking capabilities. Industry analysts say that this may be the most significant event in the history of commercial telematics.

What is the final ELD ruling?

Check out this quick video from the ATA:


Since fleets must implement electronic driver logs with location intelligence, the fleet industry will really move forward in improving safety, productivity, and efficiency. Fleet management and logistics teams will have powerful information they never had before to make informed business decisions that will ultimately reduce costs, reduce risk, and increase revenue.

Summary of FMCSA’s Final Rule to Mandate Electronic Logging Devices

The FMCSA reports that the rule will save the fleet industry $1 billion a year, mostly in time and money saved on paperwork, so fleets are motivated to adopt now. Learn more about The GPS Insight Hours-of-Service Solution.

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