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GPS Insight Field Tests Vehicle Trackers on New Truck Models

Field Testing Vehicle Trackers

At GPS Insight, we go the extra mile to confidently stand by every aspect of our solutions, including the vehicle tracker hardware which is the backbone of the technology. Unlike some of our competitors, who rely solely on vehicle simulators to test vehicle trackers, we send our experienced hardware engineers, device specialists, and installation coordinators out into the field for new vehicle testing.

Why Field Testing Vehicle Trackers Matters

We field test devices because it ensures our customers receive accurate, reliable data once the hardware is installed into their own vehicles. Partnering with a telematics provider that thoroughly tests hardware compatibility with new vehicle models will improve data connectivity and increase your success with the technology overall.

Installing New Vehicle Trackers

If your fleet is currently in the process of new vehicle acquisitions that include 2017 models, it is advised to make sure your provider has comprehensively tested their devices’ compatibility before installation.

Field Testing Also Ensures Proper Vehicle Functionally

Along with ensuring proper device functionality, field testing vehicle trackers is also important to gauge vehicle functionality while devices are installed. Properly functioning in-vehicle data networks are crucial for vehicles to be fully operational. OEM vehicle manufacturers consistently enhance and change electrical systems in new vehicle models. Even small variations, like a DLC connector changing shape, can cause a ripple effect.

Installing Vehicle Trackers

Selecting a provider that conducts real-world testing will prevent unnecessary expenses down the line and ensure the maximum ROI is achievable. Seamless integration with in-vehicle data networks avoids downtime for your vehicles, which will cost you time and money. We bench test and live vehicle test for compatibility so it never becomes a concern for our customers. Our approach to ensuring the vehicle trackers we offer are the best on the market is just one difference that sets us apart from the competition.




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