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Blog Revolutionizing Fleet Management Introducing Our Advanced EV

Revolutionizing Fleet Management: Introducing Our Advanced EV Tracking

How quickly could your fleet transition to electric vehicles if your state passed legislation on it tomorrow?

You may already be well aware that the era of traditional combustion engines is receding into history, making way for the greener, more sustainable future of electric mobility. But with this transformation comes a new set of challenges. The biggest one is the ability to manage your fleet while still transitioning to electric vehicles.

Thankfully GPS Insight is excited to announce our new EV tracking. It’s designed to help you track your fleet vehicles and stay ahead of any legislation requiring you to go green.

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Ensure Your Vehicles are driven safely, and only when necessary.

Reduce fuel expenses, unnecessary travel, and idle time while you improve ETAs, maintenance, and savings.

Control your vehicle costs today.

The Future of Fleet Management – Electric Vehicle Trackers

When it comes to fleet operations for an EV transition, it’s important to know what to look out for with the other providers’ offer. 

GPS Insight offers state-of-the-art tracking devices to keep you in the know for your EV fleet. This will help you stay organized on your fleet as a whole, keep track of important diagnostics for your EVs, and help you organize fleet data for different legislations like emissions. All in real time.

Your EV fleet will have a different icon on the tracking software so you can separate an EV and a gas-powered vehicle. This will create a more streamlined approach to your fleet tracking.

You will also be able to see:

  • Charge Level of each vehicle. This will be displayed as a battery percentage in real time.
  • Available range 
  • Charging status lets you know if a vehicle is at a charging station or not.
  • Electricity Used (Lifetime) – This is important for states that have a mandate for EVs and must show that people are lowering greenhouse gases. 

You will still have access to regular tracking solutions like driver behavior, real time notifications, route planning, and GPS tracking. With GPS Insight, you can simplify the process for you and your fleet to transition over to EVs.


Public/Private Sector GPS Tracking Solutions

With mandates being implemented for both public and private sectors, every company’s journey to an EV fleet will be different. Thankfully, GPS Insight has experience working with both to help with functionality that’s far more advanced than other providers. 

Here are some examples of how this could apply to the public and private sectors. Please note these are not real companies. 


City of Ashville – Public Sector

The City of Ashville currently has 75 vehicles in its fleet. Their state is one of 20 requiring entire fleets to transition to an electric vehicle fleet. Their state also has legislation where fleets with EVs are required to prove they are reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) with their EVs. 

With the tracking software offered by GPS Insight, the City of Ashville was able to keep a detailed record of how their transition to a full EV fleet was reducing GHG. This helped simplify the switch to EV and make compliance with state legislation much easier.


Tim’s Service Company – Private Sector

Tim’s Service Company has a fleet of 15 vehicles and a company goal to be more environmentally responsible. This meant setting their own standards for cutting emissions through traditional fuel consumption while still saving on their bottom line. So they are hoping to switch to EVs. One of their concerns is being able to track charge levels and making sure their fleet will last throughout the day. 

Thankfully with the GPS Insight EV tracking system, they were able to do both! When you combine our Dispatch software with EV fleet management, you can plan trips that will save the most charge on your vehicles for an efficient day. 

No matter what sector you’re in, GPS Insight has the tools to not only convert to an EV fleet but to stay on top of the rest of your telematics while you make the change. Whether on a desktop or a mobile app, our fleet management solutions can keep you up to date on vehicle data and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Optimize Your Fleet Management Software

Working with GPS Insight not only helps remove “analysis paralysis”, but can get your fleet organized and up and running sooner. 

Whether you’re a current or a new partner with us, we have state-of-the-art technology at the most affordable price. And signing up has never been easier. Our tailored EV tracking solution offers an opportunity to future-proof your fleet efficiently. 

Our new account plan requires users to seamlessly migrate to the EV Fleet Pro Plan, specifically designed for EVs (TBD).  All for just $27.95 per month per device, making the transition is both cost-effective and essential. 

Upgrading your fleet to EVs doesn’t need to feel like navigating through bureaucratic red tape—initiate your fleet’s conversion to electric today. Seize this moment to unlock the full potential of your electric fleet with our advanced EV trackers.

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