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ELD 101:

Upcoming Canadian ELD Mandate and the Right Tools

Last week, we shared with you our acquisition of Certified Tracking Solutions and their premiere brand, Titan GPS. Their addition to the GPS Insight family enhances our overall mission to provide the industry with the best fleet management, field services, and telematics software solutions in the market.

One of the most important factors in launching this partnership is how it provides GPS Insight clients across North America with access to Titan GPS ELD logbooks, a top-tier compliance tool to help fleets adhere to the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandates that are now crucial to fleet success.

ELD Logbooks Titan GPS

ELD 101

As you know, ELDs are devices retrofitted into commercial vehicles to keep track of the amount of time spent driving and other vital data that impacts the safety and performance of drivers. Instituted for U.S. fleets in December 2019 and regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the ELD rule applies to all carriers and drivers that are required to keep records of duty service (RODS).

ELD technology automatically records a driver’s road time and other hours-of-service (HOS) records. This allows easier, more accurate HOS records. It monitors a vehicle’s engine and catalogs important data, such as whether the engine is running, if the vehicle is moving, miles driven and engine hours.

The ultimate goal is to create a safer work environment for drivers and make it easier and faster to accurately track, manage, and share records of RODS data. The right ELD solution safeguards fleets, ensures full FMCSA and Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance, and eliminates burdensome and time-consuming paperwork.

While U.S. fleets have operated under full compliance with the ELD mandate for almost three years, Canada’s mandate will go into effect on January 1, 2023, so any fleet or driver operating in either country required to maintain duty service records needs to implement an effective ELD solution.

GPS Insight ELD Options

Adding Titan GPS to the GPS Insight ELD suite of solutions will help carriers operating in the U.S. and the Great White North meet all government requirements more simply and efficiently. The platform’s streamlined setup provides time-saving features for connecting drivers and logging data, eliminating the paperwork and costly errors, ensuring faster inspections or audits and compliance for fleet sizes can be accommodated.

Explore the GPS Insight suite of ELD solutions here, and for more information on the upcoming Canadian mandate, click here.