FSM Tech

Don’t be a dinosaur:

Embrace digital transformation and FSM tech…or go extinct 

For decades, field service management (FSM) technology was abacus-like. CB radios and rotary phones. Whiteboards and spreadsheets. Yellow invoice copies stuffed in bursting filing cabinets.

Simpler tools for a simpler age.

Unfortunately, we’ve all learned that notepads, Post-It Notes, and spreadsheets are time-consuming, error prone and inefficient—today, data is king. Better and more actionable information is mandatory to run an efficient and growing business, plus ensure you’re maximizing core assets, reducing costs, and boosting customer satisfaction. Effective field service management software is transforming industries, reducing errors and redundant tasks, and giving managers peace of mind as well as giving them back their nights and weekends.


First adopted by primarily the largest field operation companies, now lower costs and the digitalization of records and operations are driving the FSM market to new heights.

Overall, the market is expected to grow 19% annually over the next eight years, from $3.6 billion in 2022 to almost $24 billion by 2030, as companies of all sizes realize not only the necessity of keeping up with the competition, but see the leap in efficiency that effective field service management technology solutions provide. Since bigger operations have long since implemented FSM solutions, small and medium enterprises will be the biggest beneficiaries of the digital revolution over the next eight years.

According to a recent industry report, the explosive growth of technology, particularly the next-generation smartphone, plays a key role in this rapidly growing market. Smartphones now support more IOT and cloud-based field service management solutions, which help optimize workforce and asset usage in real-time, lower maintenance costs, plus reduce physical infrastructure and provide greater data accessibility—whenever and wherever you need it. The cloud also increases storage capacity, scalability, portability, and collaboration, all at a low cost to the company.

The benefits of field service management

Field service management software is built to drive maximum productivity from field technicians, while providing real-time information and reporting to the back office. It creates efficiencies, boosts productivity, and drives revenue. It helps integrate accounting, billing, service, and distribution processes, which dramatically increasing overall efficiency and profitability.

From scheduling jobs and dispatching workers, to managing the work and optimizing your payment processes, FSM solutions streamline operations, empower your field teams, reduce dependencies, and connect your back office to the field in one powerful platform.

The best FSM solutions:

Measure performance
Identify revenue opportunities
Turn prospects into customers
Access deeper insights
Better manage your field resources
Optimize schedules and boost productivity
Give techs the tools to get the job done
Streamline and automate invoicing
Increase cash flow
Sync with your accounting software
FSM tools such as electronic scheduling and dispatching features—as well as map-based scheduling—allow businesses to quickly respond to urgent customer calls. They can also help manage hair-on-fire emergencies that require rescheduling, like unplanned technician absence or sudden severe weather, and reduce wasted time and fuel use driving across town from job to job.

Effective service business software also creates a true customer data management system that goes far beyond general contact information and the most recent service call currently stored in a spreadsheet or file cabinet. At the push of a button and on any device, you can access a customer’s full record, including contact and billing information, job locations, activity notes, full job history, installed assets, and previous and outstanding invoices and payments.

It also ensures a more efficient, integrated process for employees, with electronic work orders that connect office and technicians in real time and providing field teams the information they need to get the job done right the first time. No more wasted time deciphering scribbled notes, combing through fossilized file cabinets, or excavating dispersed information across spreadsheets.


Don’t be the dinosaur

Beyond improving internal operations and efficiencies, FSM solutions create a better customer experience and boost retention. Customers today expect all businesses to utilize the latest technology. If you go to nearly any job site, you’ll see technicians utilizing mobile devices that create streamlined electronic work orders and provide paperless receipts.

For every old-school yellow pad-in-hand dinosaur, there are dozens of younger, tech-savvy competitors impressing their customers with cool gadgets that, most importantly, dramatically increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. Their customers get the complete story of the work you perform with simple-to-use customer portals that show all previous work done, and also allow them to easily request future service.

Don’t be that dinosaur.

Digital transformation is no longer the goal of the near future—it is mandatory for your current operations. As the market rapidly grows, companies that fail to embrace FSM solutions are destined to go extinct.