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GPS Insight Forward IconBest Dash Cams for Truckers in 2020

  • Not all dash cams are the same, from resolution to on-board storage.
  • Budget cameras will require users to sift through hours of footage to review any incidents.
  • Some cameras advertise higher resolution than they actually have and use internal “upscaling” software to boost lower-quality images.
  • Some AI-equipped cameras can help you coach drivers.
  • The best dash cam for truckers in 2020 is the one that best suits your needs.

Best Dash Cams for Truckers in 2020

Fleet safety managers are trying to find the best dash cams for truckers. They’ve realized that in-vehicle cameras are effective tools for protecting their drivers, and their interest is driving a surge in the market. Experts predict the vehicle camera segment will hit $5.3 billion by 2025.

Manufacturers worldwide are scrambling to fill the need. But which ones are worth the money and time to implement?

Here are some tips if you’re trying to find the best dash cams for truckers. This list comes from scouring review sites for specs and insights; GPS Insight also offers our Driveri smart camera, but we want to offer you an idea of what other cameras are available. Introducing a camera as a safety solution is an important step, and we always want to offer more information for decision makers.

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What to Look for in the Best Dash Cams for Truckers

Before we get into the list, though, it’s important to point out a few considerations:

  • Not all “dash cams” are the same. Features range from basic forward-facing cameras that store a few gigabytes of data locally to AI-powered cameras with 360° views. The lower-end types don’t offer insights that can help prevent accidents.
  • A cheap, basic unit you order on Amazon may give you some help after an accident. Having indisputable evidence can stop fraudulent claims. Even basic cameras can exonerate drivers and expedite insurance company processing after a crash.
  • AI-equipped models can help you coach drivers. It’s common for many of the AI “smart cameras” to alert fleet managers when triggering events like hard stops, high-G force readings or speeding occur. A step up in sophistication, though, can detect courteous driving and award drivers points that can incentivize better habits.
  • Be aware of a camera’s resolution, and don’t accept claims of high resolution at face value. If a budget-priced dashcam is claiming 4k resolution, do your homework before buying. In many cases, budget cameras will use internal software to “upscale” lower-quality images. In other words, your 4K resolution won’t be true 4K.

With these established, let’s get on to the list of some of the best dash cams for truckers in 2020.

best dash cams for truckers in 2020

Samsara CM-32

The Samsara CM-32 gets solid reviews from a number of sites. It’s one of the more sophisticated models, offering AI that automatically alerts fleet managers when there’s a triggering event. The CM-32 stores up to 40 hours of drive time locally. It sells for $399, plus a $600 annual license.


For a dash cam that’s more on the simple side, the KDLINKS X1 gets good reviews from Amazon customers. It has a 165-degree view, and truckers can rotate it in any direction needed. Engine ignition starts the camera automatically.

It also records GPS data, which can be very handy for proving the truck’s location in a dispute. Drivers can also lock the current file to save it for any reason – like preserving it as evidence after an accident. The X1 records at 1080p and sells for $169.

Wheel Witness HD PRO Plus

Wheel Witness offers another solid contender in the budget segment of the best dashcams for truckers. For $199, you get easy plug-and-play installation, plus the camera can zoom while still recording (great for getting a good shot of a license plate). It records at 1080p and uses micro SD cards.

Drivers can also control the camera from their smartphone. They can also push a button to lock files, which prevents them from being recorded over.

What’s the Best Dash Cam for Truckers Today?

There are many more dash cams that can help truckers protect themselves, their cargo and their clients than what we’ve listed here. Keep in mind that getting results is what matters most.

The inexpensive camera might be better than no camera at all, but stepping up to models that can address what matters most is the way to go. You should also consider what sort of support you’ll receive from the manufacturer or vendor.

In short, the best camera is the one that gets results for you or your organization. Ask questions, do research, and do a pilot if the company offers one.

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