New Podcast Series Showcases GPS Insight Products & People

GPS Insight is always adapting, innovating, and finding new ways to connect with the fleet and field community.

To enhance that mission, we’ve launched a new podcast, hosted by Managing Editor Carla Wardin, to showcase the products and people at GPS Insight and discuss all things fleet & field, from telematics, to dash cams, to GPS tracking, to today’s most talked about industry issues.

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Our first three episodes focused on a range of issues.

On No U-Turns, featuring our Director of Small Business David Press, he discussed technology and its role in improving safety and efficiency in the fleet industry. According to David, telematics and dashcams are crucial. Telematics help fleet managers solve invoice discrepancies, plan more efficient routes for drivers, and improve maintenance. Acquiring fleet vehicles has been a challenge for fleet managers over the last couple of years, so keeping vehicles they have working efficiently for as long as possible is a top priority.

Insurance companies are making sure fleets have safety initiatives in place and dashcams – like Driveri – play a leading role. They fill in the blanks in telematics, monitoring distracted, tired drivers, and seatbelt usage. External cameras help reconstruct an accident, determine the damage done immediately, and artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes and instantaneously delivers information that allow managers to coach drivers to improve safety.

We also learned that David’s golf game isn’t yet where he wants it to be.

Episode 2, Sharing the Crown, featured Customer Support Manager Kelly Long, GPS Insight’s 2022 Employee of the year. Kelly and Carla discussed the ins and outs of customer support, and the keys to ensuring customers in need feel heard and get their problems resolved.

Kelly and her team work to provide seamless tech support. No one likes calling tech support. You already have a problem. There’s something wrong and you want it fixed quickly. Kelly and her team strive to make customer support as painless as possible.

One of the most common complaints across every industry is having to wait on hold or for a callback that takes 48 hours or more. GPS Insight’s number one goal is to ensure someone is speaking to a real person so that, when they call in, they receive a one-call resolution.

Beyond speed, the team works to make every interaction more human. Some techs just follow processes, but GPS Insight encourages its team members to avoid the hold button, have true conservations with customers, and be more personable to show their value. Customer interactions go better when they know you care.

Kelly highlighted a recent difficult issue for some customers. In 2022, major telecom services shut down older 3G networks, which had a major impact on some customers that have been with GPS Insight for years, and who often used older devices. Finding technology that replicated what they were used to and getting it up and running was a challenge for some and the team worked hard to provide extra care and meet the challenge.

Based in Texas, Kelly is kept busy by her two sons and enjoys taking them to see the Texas Rangers play…even if they’re not very good. Hope springs eternal!

Episode 3, Keeping Companies Sticky, spotlighted Krista Jurczenia, Strategic Services Manager at GPS Insight.

Carla and Krista discussed marketing, partner interactions and how these relationships can improve the product for GPS Insight customers and deliver the brand to different audiences.

Krista takes over once a partner, like resellers and referral partners, comes on board with GPS Insight. These partners help expand awareness of GPS Insight tools and services, and are so familiar with the products, that they often provide suggestions to Krista and her team on how to further improve the technology for a better experience.

GPS Insight provides so many resources to resellers and is always looking for new partners. Become a Partner today.

When not helping partners, Krista rides horses and plays the fun auntie, winding up her nephew and then dropping him off at home.

Podcast episodes

This is the top podcast on fleet management and field service. When you want information about telematics, your fleet, operational efficiency, and how to create a culture of safety, tune in. Our industry experts are here to talk about how to make your fleet operations better. Whether it’s GPS tracking, dash cams, fleet technology, or apps, our new episodes will touch on every aspect.

That’s just the first three – there are many more podcast episodes posted! Stay tuned as we navigate the biggest industry issues and explore specific GPS Insight solutions.