2022 Sustainability Award

Saving Fleets Money While Saving the Planet:

GPS Insight Earns 2022 Sustainability Award

The most precious asset we share is this little ball of air, stone, dirt and water we call Earth. Earth’s natural resources are the key to our existence, and sustainability helps ensure a better future. Ignoring it can lead to the exhaustion of crucial resources, loss of habitat, and destruction of the natural world. Sustainability is the key to good stewardship of the Earth and the health and safety of future generations.

At GPS Insight, one of our core missions is to help fleets do their part to reduce their environmental, economic, and social impact. Our solutions help fleets increase operational efficiencies, improve maintenance and vehicle usage, and reduce fuel and energy waste.

We are proud of the impact we’re having in this critical area. That’s why we are thrilled to announce GPS Insight has earned the Business Intelligence Group’s prestigious 2022 Sustainability Award for those efforts.

Sustainability Award 2022

2022 Sustainability Awards

The Business Intelligence Group Sustainability Awards honor those organizations that have made sustainability an integral part of their business practice. For-profit and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes submitted nominations to reward team members and gain exposure for the organization, its initiatives, and the exemplary accomplishments of its leaders as they work to reduce their impact on our environment.
For some ‘sustainability’ is an initiative, and for some a mission. We are proud to reward and recognize GPS Insight for their sustainability efforts. It was clear to our judges that their vision and strategy will continue to deliver results toward a cleaner, more sustainable world.
Maria Jimenez

Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group

Sustainability in Fleets

For fleets big or small, creating a sustainable fleet program is one of the greatest contributions that can be made to help reduce their impact on climate change. With CO2 emissions at an all-time high, it is now more important than ever for fleets to consider their sustainability goals. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that transportation now accounts for 27% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. That means fleet managers have a huge opportunity to make a difference.

GHG Emissions 2020

GPS Insight aids fleet and field managers in lowering pollution levels through the adoption of easy-to-implement practices that lessen the use of fossil fuels and increase the efficiency of their fleets. To better serve the growing number of public and private fleets planning to adopt EV technology in the coming years, we are working with strategic partners to integrate electric car and fleet vehicle performance into our fleet management solutions. We are so proud to receive recognition for all we are doing to strengthen sustainability initiatives for our customers, for our employees, and for a greener supply chain.

GPS Tracking Makes Fleets Greener

Sustainability is critical to ensuring a more positive future, and it is also just good business. GPS tracking solutions help fleets use less fuel and lower their emissions. More efficient routes save time, fuel, and emissions. They encourage drivers to adopt better habits through data on speeding and hard acceleration, both of which increase fuel consumption. You can even reward drivers who demonstrate the best practices, which can be an incentive fleetwide.

Right-Sizing is Environmentally Friendly

Using the right tool for the right job is always important. For example, driving a box van when a pickup truck is better for the task is hard on both your bottom line and the environment. Evaluate your organization’s vehicle use to ensure that the vehicles match the job.

What about older vehicles? It’s hard to have a greener fleet with aging vehicles. Using our tools to schedule regular maintenance keeps them running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

GPS tracking can help with rightsizing by spotting the vehicles that are overused or rarely used. Fleet managers will also have data that will help them replace, reassign, or eliminate vehicles, which results in a more productive fleet.

Get Recognized for the Right Reasons

A greener fleet benefits your organization financially, while also showing your community that you’re committed to making large-scale environmental improvements. That’s a great way to build goodwill for your business.

Consumers expect corporations to adopt sustainability on a large scale. That’s because many of them believe they’re powerless as individuals, and they look to organizations to address this issue. Two-thirds of people responding to a Nielsen survey said they would pay more for a product that comes from a sustainable brand.

When it comes to fleet management, it’s vital to think about the impact your decisions will have on the future of your company and the world around it. To move forward into a greener world, fleets need to start focusing on how to manage their energy and resources to help build a better, greener planet.

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