Implementing sustainability practices will improve your business economically, socially, and environmentally, and show your community and shareholders that your mobile-based business is dedicated to limiting your impact on the environment. Fleets should focus on strategies to lower fuel consumption and emissions to limit their environmental impact, which will in turn benefit their social standing in the community and  their business economically as well. GPS tracking software will help you monitor fuel consumption, fleet utilization, and other metrics that can help you achieve your fleet’s sustainability initiative.

Lower Fuel Use, Not Productivity

For businesses with fleets of vehicles, the sure way to lower emissions is to decrease fuel consumption. You obviously know that the solution is not to complete fewer jobs, so you need to find other ways that you can cut fuel use without affecting productivity. What most fleet executives don’t realize is how much unnecessary fuel is being consumed by their vehicles which could easily be eliminated to meet their initiative goals.

GPS tracking solutions help you to monitor fuel metrics and identify the source of your unnecessary fuel consumption and costs. Once identified, use proactive alerts to take action and review your progress through GPS tracking reports. Most commonly, fleets find they can limit unnecessary fuel usage by monitoring idle time, unauthorized usage, and route efficiency.

Rightsizing your Fleet

Another way you can help your fleet’s sustainability initiative is by rightsizing your fleet. Maintaining more vehicles in your fleet than needed will increase fuel and maintenance costs – and your environmental impact too. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “fleet rightsizing is a management practice that can help fleet managers build and maintain sustainable, fuel efficient fleets.”

Utilize a GPS tracking solution to “right size” your fleet by monitoring vehicle utilization reports. Identify which vehicles are rarely used, over used, should be reassigned, replaced, or eliminated altogether to lower fuel use without compromising productivity for your fleet.

Eliminate (GHG) Emissions

Some GPS tracking providers offer reports that monitor GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions so that you can track your progress. Staying on top of preventative maintenance will also help you lower GHG emissions and run with a greener fleet overall. Use a GPS tracking solution to send you scheduled maintenance reminders when your vehicles are due for oil changes, smog checks, air filter changes, or any other type of preventative maintenance that will help your fleet run cleaner and decrease GHG emissions into the atmosphere.

Executing a sustainability strategy is simple for fleets when they have the right tools at their disposal. For more information on how your fleet can use a GPS tracking solution to start your sustainability initiative, contact us today!