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Top 5 Most-Common GPS Tracking Alerts from Our Customers

It’s possible to get GPS tracking alerts for a wide variety of driver actions. Our website has a list of the most-popular alerts that our customers use – and why.

Now we’ll take a look at the other side: Which alerts are the most commonly triggered? Our data allows us to break it down by percentage! Each of these alerts is a great choice for meeting safety and efficiency goals. Together, they provide a solid set of data that can upgrade your fleet management efforts.

Ranking the Top GPS Tracking Alerts

The Odd Hour Alert: 48%

Nearly half of the alerts our customers receive are for the Odd Hour Tracking Alert. This can tip fleet managers off to unauthorized use of company vehicles. If your company allows drivers to take their fleet vehicles home, they might be using them for side jobs or even just running errands with them.

Either way, that can cost your organization money by burning fuel and increasing wear and tear. That can even impact your vehicle life cycles and procurement plans.

Speeding Alert 75 MPH+: 15%

Speeding can have big repercussions for your organization. It can increase insurance rates (no insurance company likes speeding tickets) and tarnish your brand name. Plus, speed is a factor for many accidents.

And driving more than 75 mph is a sure way to decrease your vehicles’ gas mileage. Most vehicles are designed to be their most-efficient at around 55 mph. Plus, only interstate highways have speed limits of 75 mph. If your drivers are going that fast, there’s a good chance they’re doing so on roadways with far lower speed limits. The Speeding Alert is a great way to discover bad driving habits. 

Landmark Alerts: 7%

Our customers often create landmarks using our software solutions. You can use landmarks for customer locations, depots, or even drivers’ homes.

The Landmark GPS Tracking Alert provides great insights for fleet managers, and they’re customizable to every fleet’s needs. And it’s an effective method for ensuring that your drivers are using vehicles for the right purposes.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes: 6%

The Diagnostic Trouble Codes Alert can tip fleet managers off to maintenance issues and even fuel usage.

This alert can even help drivers and fleet managers determine if the trouble code is a minor issue that can be handled later, or an emergency that requires them to pull over immediately.

The fuel usage function is even more accurate when paired with a fuel card integration.

Driving Faster than the Posted Speed Limit: 4%

It’s possible to configure the Posted Speed Limit GPS Tracking Alert let you know when drivers exceed the speed limit by a certain threshold. That can be the speed limit itself. Or you can give them some leeway – maybe six miles per hour above the posted limit, for example.

Also, you can have the system tell the driver to slow down.

What This Means to Fleets

These alerts provide data that can transform how you manage your fleet. And many organizations use this information to be safer and more efficient. If your current GPS tracking solution isn’t helping you succeed or you haven’t started using one yet, connect with us today!

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