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Top 5 Alerts Most Utilized With GPS Fleet Tracking Software

The biggest chunk of ROI from GPS fleet tracking software comes from alerts. Alerts are sent out in real-time so that you can be proactive in addressing incidents as they are happening. What are the types of exceptions you want or need to be alerted on? What really matters to your business? This blog will help you figure out which alerts you might want to use.

Here are the top 5 GPS fleet tracking alerts that our customers use and why:

1. Speed Alert

The speed alert notifies management and drivers when a vehicle exceeds a specified MPH threshold. Management uses the speed alert to ensure driver and public safety. With this alert they can coach bad driving habits and keep public complaints at a minimum. They use this alert over the Posted Speed Limit Alert because many fleet managers prefer to have control over the absolute maximum they want drivers going.

Example: You want to reduce accidents and improve safety and want to know any time a driver exceeds 55mph. As soon as they do, you will know who is speeding, where, and at what time they violated the threshold. The driver can also receive these alerts, telling them to slow down.

2. Idle Time Alert

The idle time alert notifies management and the driver when a vehicle idles more than a specified time. This is #2 because just under improving safety comes reducing fuel costs and reducing idling is the most effective way to reduce fuel costs. The alert gets the driver to shut the vehicle off as soon as the threshold of allowed time is exceeded.

Example: You decide that 5 minutes is the maximum amount of time you want to allow employees to idle their vehicles at any given time. Once that 5 minutes is up, an automated message will be sent to the driver and to you, telling the driver to shut off the vehicle.

3. Landmark Alert

This alert will inform management and/or employees when a vehicle enters or exits a particular landmark (point of interest). Landmarks provide insight into many aspects of fleet management and managers use this to stay abreast of where employees are going.

Example: These alerts are typically set up to let you know when a driver arrives at a customer location, the yard, or goes home during the day. You can set this alert up to only tell you during the week/weekends or only certain times of the day.

4. Odd-Hours Alert

The odd-hours alert is sent when there is movement within a pre-defined odd-hours violation window. This alert is valuable to fleet managers and even drivers because it will notify them of possible theft or unauthorized usage of the vehicle. Any time that the vehicle is being used at an off-hour.

Example: You allow your drivers to take the company vehicles home, but they are only allowed to drive the vehicle for work. With this GPS fleet tracking alert, you will know if any employee uses the vehicle on the weekend or drives the vehicle after hours during the week.

5. Long Stop Alert

The long stop alert will notify the appropriate people when a vehicle has been stopped for too long. This is a great alert for delivery fleets and other service businesses that have appointments set to ensure they stay on time throughout the day.

Example: You need to make sure that your drivers stay on time for their scheduled deliveries and are at a customer site for no longer than 20 minutes. If one of your drivers is at a stop for more than that set amount of time, you can send them an automated alert saying “get moving” and you will get one saying “Driver1 has been stopped more than 20 mins”. This will allow you to follow up with the driver to find out what the holdup is.

GPS Fleet Tracking Alerts

Alerts are intended to give fleet managers the ability to act when an exception occurs. The alerts also need to be set up so that they are meaningful and not ignored. GPS Insight alerts are customizable to be as specific as you need them to be in order to be powerful and effective for your business.

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