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If you haven’t heard the number by now, by December 18, 2017, 3.1 million commercial trucks and motor coaches will need to install an electronic driver log, or ELD system.

That’s a you-know-what ton of vehicles that will need some type of ELD system! What companies are overlooking is not only will electronic driver logs need to be installed by the deadline but drivers will also need to be completely trained and ready to go by 12/18/2017. The deadline is quickly approaching and you are probably thinking it’s still far out enough that procrastinating a little longer on implementation is okay. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Read this blog, and find out why waiting on electronic driver logs could cost you time and money.

Shortage of professional installers.

With the number of vehicles that will need to install electronic driver log devices, industry experts anticipate that there will be a shortage of professional installers later this year due to the high demand. I know some of you are thinking, “But I have guys that I trust to do the installations.” That’s great! There are plenty of technicians who feel comfortable enough doing the installations on their own, but do they really have the time and bandwidth to install a whole fleet? Remember that there are additional hardware components, outside of installing a GPS tracking device, to be compliant. Our solution includes a proprietary tablet mounted to the dashboard which may require specific knowledge to correctly install. A professional installer is recommended to ensure the GPS and ELD devices are installed correctly and consistently. It is crucial to not wait until the last minute if you need a professional installation.

If you do decide to install devices in-house, ensure that the installation is scheduled well in advance. Self-installations can also cause a manpower issue for those that have the knowledge but not the time to complete them. Whether you choose professional installation vs. self-installation is another story.

Spoiler Alert – Other companies have already started installing ELD Devices!

This is a government mandate so you don’t want to be non-compliant due to self-install issues. A lot of companies are already choosing to go the professional installation route for peace of mind in knowing that it will be done right the first time. They want to let the professionals handle it in order to get it done in a timely and efficient manner. If you have been putting off implementing an electronic driver log system, now is the time to get motivated to start the process.

The entire telematics industry uses the same network of installers. If enough companies who require ELD decide to wait until August, September, or even October to start installing, the amount of work for professional installers will pile up quick. Lead times will increase to approximately 1-2 months the closer we get to the December deadline date. Inventory will be a supply and demand nightmare for vehicle telematics providers! Demand for hardware could exceed supply where manufacturers can’t supply the hardware quick enough.

It’s not only about installation, it’s also about implementation and training.

As I mentioned before, the new mandate is not just about installing electronic driver log devices by December 18th of this year, it’s also about ramping up everyone in your organization on the solution. Your drivers need to know how they will be using it on a day-to-day basis in their workflow. Dispatchers will need to learn how they will interact with the ELD portal to monitor driver hours, and dispatch the correct driver to the right location. Administrators will need to be trained on how they will correct driver logs, etc.

Maybe you’re hoping with the new administration in Washington that the mandate will get rolled back or perhaps you are holding off on making the investment until the last possible moment. Yes, you can wait and put off implementing a system until later this year but it will cost you time and money.

Don’t wait to make the move. The longer you do, you might be losing out on these benefits. Don’t wait to find the right solution that solves your business needs and will be easy for your drivers to adopt. Yes, I’m even talking about the non-tech savvy ones that you’re thinking about right now. GPS Insight thought of it all to make a great experience for everyone involved.



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