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Mobile Workforces and COVID-19: Resources to Stay Informed.

If your business is worried about surviving COVID-19 with minimal impact, you’re not alone. Businesses of all sizes, as well as government agencies, are shifting their policies and procedures to better handle this unprecedented situation.

The GPS Insight team prepared this blog post to link to authoritative resources that will help your organization adapt to the COVID-19 situation. We will also post updates about operations at GPS Insight.

Please watch this post for more relevant information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: May 15, 2020

IoT Steps Up as Ally to Fight Coronavirus

From wearable health monitors to inventory tracking, the Internet of Things has become part of our everyday lives. Now, it’s also taking a huge role in combating COVID-19.

Trucker Shares Thoughts from Life on the Road During Pandemic

With fewer passenger vehicles on the road, day-to-day life is a bit different for truckers right now. One trucker shared his thoughts on other changes along with concerns for the future.

UPDATE: May 11, 2020

As Airlines Falter, Autonomous Vehicles Keep Driving

A Forbes column says that consumers are ready for autonomous vehicles to replace flying, This is a shift from public mistrust of self-driving technology, and might reflect how driverless cars are helping during the COVID-19 crisis.

Track the Trucking Recovery from COVID-19

FTR Transportation Intelligence and have launched a heatmap to track the state of the trucking market.. It is one of a series of planned dashboards, and it tracks state-level impacts by dry van, reefer, flatbed and specialized trailers.

UPDATE: April 24, 2020

Survey Shows How COVID Has Impacted Fleets

Fleet Owner posted the results of its survey of fleet owners. It also includes some enlightening quotes that put the results into context.

Horticulture Group Offers Resources

AmericanHort, an association that supports the horticulture industry, has published a Coronavirus Resource Center. It provides late-breaking information ranging from how to keep your business open to financial assistance.

Coronavirus Leads to Extreme Speeding

Extreme speeding is on the way up. In New York City, speed cameras issued 25,000 speeding citations on March 27 – that’s nearly double the usual amount. See numbers for other areas on

See How COVID is Causing Plumbing Problems

COVID 19 is keeping plumbers and plumbing companies busy. That’s because people who are staying home are flushing more items down the toilet – and many of them will clog the system.

UPDATE: April 15, 2020

Landscaping and the COVID Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has put trucking in the spotlight. But landscaping businesses also have their share of challenges related to the pandemic. Here are some issues raised during a recent webinar hosted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Safety Guidance for Agriculture Workers

Agricultural workers are critical to our food supply. The Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (CS-CASH) at the University of Nebraska Medical Center has created some guidance to keep these workers healthy during the COVID outbreak.

Consumer Reports Offers Advice for Handling Home Service Calls

What do you do when your home has a plumbing problem during a pandemic? And how do service providers protect themselves and their customers? Consumer Reports has some advice for customers and businesses.

UPDATE: April 1, 2020

Automotive Fleet’s COVID-19 Resource Center

Automotive Fleet Magazine has posted a helpful resource center that encompasses a wide range of information. It includes advice about the best types of gloves to wear to news from OEMs about how they’re shifting their practices.

What if Your Drivers Have Symptoms on the Road?

Commercial Carrier Journal has consistently published helpful information since the coronavirus has changed the business landscape in the US. One of their can’t-miss stories discusses how to handle drivers reporting that they’re suffering from COVID-19 symptoms while on the road. Find out how they recommend helping your drivers!

UPDATE: March 24

Tips for Fleet Drivers

Truck drivers and fleet drivers don’t have the luxury of working from home. And many of us are counting on them even more than usual. Here are some tips from Automotive Fleet Magazine to help drivers stay protected!

UPDATE: March 20

GPS Insight Open, Transitions to Teleworking

Like many of our customers, our staff has already made the transition to remote working. We are able to provide the same support that you depend on to get the most from your mobile workforce. Staff members are fully equipped at home, and are using video calls to stay connected and call forwarding to ensure we are there for our customers. We are continuing to advance our product development roadmap as well as providing 24/7 support.

Our mobile GPS Insight Manager App can help your organization continue operating during this time and we recommend users download it on cell phones and tablets. Account administrators can also set up scheduled reports to allow remote workers to monitor operations and events that require their attention.

Please contact us with any questions.

COVID-19 Tips for Small Businesses

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce knows the importance of small businesses – and how challenging this situation is for small business owners. The chamber has assembled a Coronavirus Toolkit to provide guidelines that will help small businesses protect employees and customers alike.

World Health Organization COVID-19 Q&A

Do you still have basic questions about COVID-19? The World Health Organization has an easy-to-understand breakdown that ranges from how the illness spreads to who is most at risk to how to protect yourself. Read more.

Thanks to Those Who Keep the Nation Moving

While some of us are working from home, many are still on the road because there’s simply no other way to get the job done.

You are keeping grocery stores stocked, providing home services, delivering medical supplies, and numerous other services that mobile workers provide to keep our homes and lives on track.

GPS Insight would like to thank all the men and women who perform these services every day and especially during this time of need.