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GPS Tracking Solution for Waste Collection


GPS tracking will maximize your fleet's efficiency while you eliminate your customer's waste.  

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Robust Features and Flexibility

GPS Insight can give your company the capability to modify features and alerts to be completely automated and customized to meet your needs. These capabilities allow you and your workers to spend less time in front of the computer and maximize the time spent completing jobs.

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Significant Fuel Savings

GPS Insight tracking reports, alerts, and speed maps allow you to limit the amount of speeding and idling occurring in your fleet. If one of your drivers is speeding, an alert can instantly be sent to the driver to let them know they need to slow down. Speeding and idling is an unnecessary waste of fuel and by reducing the rates of both of these habits, you will recognize almost instant fuel savings

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Additional Information

gps tracking for waste management trucksValet Waste Case Study

GPS Insight reports on the amount of time spent inside and outside of landmarks, such as customer locations. Valet Waste reported, “We require our employees to visit our clients routinely and GPS Insight has been able to confirm those visits and track the frequency of those visits, to help ensure our promise of customer service was being upheld.”

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Case Study

GPS Fleet Tracking Case Study
Valet Waste Improves Fleet Operations with GPS Tracking

Valet Waste has seen a significant fuel savings. Their fuel card bill dropped 16% in the first two months...

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