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GPS Tracking Features

  • Where Are
    My Trucks?

    Know where your fleet is at all times for true location intelligence and fleet management.

  • Fuel Spend
    Too High?

    Our fleet tracking software identifies inefficient fuel consumption to reduce your fuel costs.

  • Pay Too Much

    Fleet tracking software holds your drivers accountable for hours they claim to have worked.

  • High
    Repair Costs?

    Schedule, track costs, and set up reminders for maintenance on vehicles and assets.



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We have sent over alerts to date. Alerts provide your fleet with the most significant return on investment.

Press Releases

GPS Insight Press Releases
GPS Insight Announces New Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Solution

GPS Insight announced today the release of the new GPS Insight Hours of Service solution...

Fleet Tracking Blog

Fleet Tracking Blog
GPS tracking solutions are much more than just dots on a map and can be customized to best meet...

Case Studies

Case Studies
West Coast Sand & Gravel
Industry: Construction
Fleet Size: 325+

In just one quarter, West Coast Sand & Gravel was able to reduce idle gallons by 37%, or 5,205 gallons...


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Fleet Tracking Software

GPS Insight is an award-winning GPS fleet tracking solution used by businesses with vehicles or assets that need to be tracked. We currently monitor more than 70,000 vehicles and assets from a wide variety of businesses and industries. Our tracking system will work with cars, trucks, vans, light duty, heavy duty, long-haul, or just about any type of vehicle. We track both powered and non-powered assets such as heavy equipment, freight, roll-off containers, etc. We do not track people, pets, airplanes, or boats.

We offer multiple GPS tracking devices to fit your business needs. From small and discrete to large and heavy-duty, we have the right device for any type of fleet. Benefits include the reduction of overtime hours, speeding, vehicle idling, unauthorized vehicle usage, fuel card fraud, vehicle theft, and more. Vehicles are tracked 24/7/365 by our cloud-based software or from any smart device such as an iPhone, Android, or tablet.

Software features include a customizable dashboard interface to track all your vehicles and assets in real-time, browser-based live mapping or 3D Google Earth mapping, custom alerts and in-depth reports, POI's/geofences, driver messaging, driver ID, Garmin nuvi integration, optimized routing, and fuel card transaction integration.

We truly stand behind our solution, which is why we offer a free pilot and a 30-day money back guarantee. We look forward to helping your business with a vehicle or asset monitoring solution that meets and exceeds your unique requirements and challenges. Take the next step and schedule a live one-on-one demonstration of the GPS Insight fleet tracking software or start a pilot to build your business case. Call us at 866-477-4321 or email us at info[at]gpsinsight.com.