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Driver ID


Driver ID allows you to track Drivers in addition to each Vehicle.

Driver ID

Any activity performed by a vehicle during the time the driver was assigned will be associated with that driver for reporting purposes. Maps display driver information, and alerts/messages will have the appropriate driver’s contact information as an override to the default vehicle information (e.g. email address & cell phone number for SMS).

  • Driver-Centric Reports - View reports on idling, speeding, miles, stops, landmark visits, and odd-hours by driver, not just by vehicle
  • Administrative Control - Set up which drivers are assigned to which vehicles historically
  • Accountability - Obtain a history for which vehicle was driven by which driver at a particular time (e.g. for parking tickets, toll violations, customer complaints, etc.)
  • Driver Assignment - Drivers can be assigned to a vehicle in 5 different ways; manual (via the web interface), touching a keyfob (pictured below) to a reader in the vehicle (if installed), sending the Driver ID via Garmin, SMS text message (e.g. "gps 1234 assign david.smith" will assign David Smith to vehicle 1234), or using our API (Application Programming Interface)

Driver ID KeyfobDriver ID Keyfob


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