Not Enough Time in the Day?

Save Time with GPS Tracking for Fleets

Incorporating GPS tracking for fleets streamlines traditionally manual processes and allows fleet personnel to work smarter, not harder, by allocating their time more productively.

Using GPS tracking technology to automate processes and implement new fleet management methods allows businesses to work more effectively than ever before. So, how exactly does GPS tracking software offer a smarter approach to fleet management?
Not only does it replace inefficient processes, it allows businesses to proactively manage their fleets. By selecting an intuitive and user-friendly platform, it takes the manual work out of fleet management altogether.

The Smarter Approach to Cost Tracking

The ability to eliminate the paperwork and manual processes associated with tracking payroll, fuel expenses, and billable time save countless hours that would have otherwise been spent quantifying this data.

Tracking costs with a GPS tracking solution reduces the time required to complete this task, which allows fleet managers to analyze the results in-depth. It is important for fleet managers to analyze expenses to ensure the business is not spending more than necessary on fuel, labor, maintenance, or any other overhead costs.

Monitoring all fleet expenses with a GPS tracking solution allows fleet managers to effortlessly identify unnecessary costs and take action right away.

fuel expenses
Example Fuel Transactions Report

Automate Maintenance with GPS Tracking for Fleets

Save Time with Automation

Manually logging odometer readings, run time, and services is not just an inefficient use of time, it often results in critical oversights. With electronic odometer readings, there will be no need to manually check vehicle mileage; fleet managers will already know this information.

Ensure Services are Never Missed

Setting automated maintenance reminders for important services like oil changes, tire rotations, emission testing, and registration renewals will notify fleet managers and/or drivers their vehicles are due for service. Automating maintenance reminders ensures all services are up-to-date, which may prevent expensive repairs and extend the life of the fleet.

Bridge the gap between the office and the job site

For most businesses on the move, there is a need to streamline communication from the office to mobile workforces out in the field. With GPS tracking in place, processes are streamlined and information becomes immediately actionable. There is no lag period that can increase the chance of error, which can make a significant impact in areas like billing, inventory, and payroll.


Dispatch resources more efficiently

send data real time

Send data from the job site to the office instantly

track time on site

Automatically track time-on-site

Update inventory with GPS tracking software

Adjust inventory in real-time

Not Enough Time in the Day? 4 Tips to Save Time with GPS Tracking

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Share Data Between Software Platforms

It is common for businesses to require several technology platforms to run their operations. It is valuable to share data between software to increase their effectiveness. As integrations become more common practice, businesses are realizing how sharing data between platforms simplifies operations considerably and helps to make better business decisions. Here are the common types of technology that integrate with GPS tracking.

GIS Mapping

GIS Mapping


Outage Management Software

Maintenance Software

Maintenance Software

Fuel Cards

Fuel Cards

Mobile Workforce Management Software

Mobile Workforce Management Software

Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Software

ERP Software

ERP Software

Logistics Load Tracking

Logistics Load Tracking Software

Fleet Management on The Go

mobile app
Using a GPS tracking solution’s mobile app allows fleet management to monitor and actively manage their fleet from the convenience of their cell phone or tablet. Having the ability to log in and see what is happening with the fleet from anywhere at any time has changed traditional fleet management for the better. Using a mobile app allows fleet managers to view vehicle locations and current statuses, send messages straight to drivers, and more.

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