FSMA Compliance

with Remote Temperature Monitoring for Refrigerated Trailers

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is a law from the FDA to help increase the quality control of transported food.

The rule is a way of protecting not only the consumer but you, the carrier, as well. What it states is that you will be responsible for storing data in relation to shipments in case there is a scenario in which the receiver questions if the product was delivered to standards. What this means in terms of vehicle/trailer telematics is that you will need to have a refrigeration temperature monitoring system in place that will collect that data on each shipment so that it is accessible to provide in such a scenario.

Important Side Note!

Remote temperature monitoring integrates with GPS vehicle tracking and trailer tracking systems.

Uncle Sam Says It’s On You

The rule initially stated that you would have to provide this information for each shipment, even if it was not requested by the receiver. This has changed in the final rule to say that the information must only be provided when it is requested by the receiver.

What also changed from the initial law is that the FDA at first was going to take on the responsibility of providing a solution to you with the ability to provide temperature information during transport if needed.

This responsibility of finding a solution has now fallen to you, as well as providing the temperature information.

Important Side Note!

There are other aspects to the law outside of telematics that still have to do with preventing food safety risks such as properly cleaning vehicles between loads.


Planes, Training, and Automobiles

Part of the implementation regarding the FSMA law is training. There is a mix of public of private partners that the FDA will work with in order to help everyone in the food industry be successful with implementation.

One way the FDA is coordinating training for food industry professionals is by funding cooperative agreements, which will develop training options for local food production and tribal operations throughout the country.

The FDA has also partnered with the US Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, or NIFA, to provide grants in order to fund a National Coordination Center, or NCC, and four Regional Centers so that there are training opportunities for farm owners and operators, small food processors, and small fruit and vegetable merchant wholesalers.

Important Side Note!

Requirements of the law do not apply to transportation by ship or air because of limitations in the law.

The Rules at a Glance

The FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act is quickly approaching the deadline to be compliant. The finalized dates vary for compliance depending on what FSMA rule you fall under. If your fleet operates within the food transportation industry, you should know that you are required to have a temperature monitoring system in place on your trailers in order to be compliant with this law.

The time to implement this technology is now to avoid fines because of missing the deadline. Part of the dates of compliance vary according to business size.

Remote Temperature Monitoring for Refrigerated Trailers

Final Rules for each part of the Law

The Solution

If you are in need of a refrigerated trailer temperature monitoring system, GPS Insight will be able to help.

GPS Insight uses temperature sensors that are installed into the trailer to give you real-time temperature data along each route of each load that is transported. These sensors are connected to trailer tracking devices, which will give you the ability to monitor your trailer utilization as well. Our software will also allow you to receive real-time alerts on temperature whether it falls below or rises above a certain temperature threshold that you select. We give you quality control tool needed for the goods you are transporting.

Learn more about trailer monitoring

To learn more about how GPS Insight will help you be compliant with the FSMA mandate, fill out the form below or call us at 877-477-2690.

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