The Ultimate Guide to Dash Cams for Commercial and Government Vehicles

Dash Cams Ultimate Guides

You probably already know the benefits to fleet dash cams: they help mitigate risk, can lower insurance costs, and help you protect your drivers and others on the road.

But there are lots of dash cams to choose from, and lots of other factors to consider. This guide covers everything you need to know when considering a dash cam for your fleet, including: 

  • The types of dash cams based on your needs
  • How to get employee buy-in and create a dash cam policy
  • Legal considerations: How employers can use the footage, and if the footage is discoverable in court
  • Ensuring long-term success
  • How to coach your drivers by empowering them to perform their best
  • Real-world scenarios of how two of our customers saw success with their dash cams (Spoiler: One of our customers saw an 83% reduction in at-fault accidents after just one year of installing an AI-equipped dash cam)

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Dash Cams Ultimate Guides

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