Fleet dispatch software provides complete visibility to make informed dispatching decisions.

Your Challenge

You spend too much time tracking down where your drivers are and make too many phone calls to get updates on location and job status. You need a more efficient method to effectively run your dispatch.

The Solution

GPS Insight fleet dispatch software provides real-time visibility into your fleet’s location and status, simple dispatching functionality, and more efficient communication methods to get the job done quickly and accurately.

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“GPS Insight is reliable, helpful, easy to use and understand.”

Silvestre C., Dispatch // Classic Event & Tent Rentals

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Dispatchers Like You Are Using GPS Insight to Increase Their Operation’s Effectiveness

Could your dispatch department be more effective? If so, what type of impact could that make to your business’s bottom line? GPS Insight fleet dispatch software will provide you the tools to make dispatch more effective than ever.

Respond Faster to Customer Emergencies

Respond Faster to Customers

Get your customers talking for the right reasons by responding quickly in their time of need.

Reduce Phone Calls

Reduce Phone Calls

Eliminate unnecessary calls to and from drivers in the field.

Provide Accurate ETAs

Provide Accurate ETAs

Let your customers know when you will arrive at the job site with the upmost accuracy.

Optimize Routes

Optimize Routes

Dispatch drivers to job sites on the fastest routes available.

GPS Insight Pro

Powerful Technology that Streamlines Dispatching

GPS Insight fleet dispatch software is designed to be simple, yet very effective. You can customize the dashboard interface with dispatching tools to manage your vehicle and asset locations. If you need help tailoring the software to meet your exact needs, work with a dedicated account manager to receive unlimited coaching.

View real-time maps with vehicle and asset locations

Receive updates on driver statuses

Use Closest To functionality to dispatch the closest and best vehicle for the job

Simplify dispatch-to-driver communication with dynamic messaging interface

Monitor long and/or unauthorized stops

What Your Peers Are Saying

Plumbing & AC Medic

Plumbing & AC Medic

Plumbing Medic’s dispatch manager used to average 150 calls a day to and from drivers in the field. Find out how she decreased this number to virtually zero by implementing GPS Insight.

ABM Building Services


ABM’s dispatchers are responsible for separate locations and vehicles, which made managing their service areas difficult. Learn how ABM drastically increased efficiency by using GPS Insight.

Engage your fleet with GPS Insight.