GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking for CEOs and Owners

GPS Insight is designed to save you money and make running your business easier.

Your Challenge

You are the CEO or business owner that is too busy running the company to keep close tabs on your fleet operations.

The Solution

Use the highly automated GPS Insight Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions to receive the necessary reports and actionable information you need to make important business decisions.

gps tracking for ceo's and owners

Find out how the Owner of Dayton’s Pest Control was able to identify and tackle new business challenges using GPS Insight.


“Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish; you will absolutely receive your return on investment.”

Dayton Hylton, Owner, Dayton’s Pest Control, 20 vehicles

Enhance & Protect Company Brand

  • Focus on driver/public safety
  • Gain a competitive advantage and be seen as a technology leader amongst your competition
  • Track and promote your reduced carbon footprint

Improve Stakeholder Satisfaction

  • Higher revenue and profits through improved productivity
  • Better customer service
  • Improved employee morale
  • Investing in the future

Invest in Human Capital Development

  • Rewarding responsible driver behavior
  • Investing in tools to manage your drivers and crews with better information
Towing Fleet

See how Quik Pik-All Over Towing have seen a 20% increase in service requests and increased yearly revenue by $24,000.


“By implementing GPS Insight to our daily workflow, we have decreased our response times by an average of 10 minutes.”

Joe DiMarco, Owner, Quik Pik-All Over Towing, 32 vehicles

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