GPS Tracking Solutions for Waste Collection Fleets

GPS Insight offers Waste Management fleets the location intelligence needed to effectively oversee fleet operations.

Your Challenge

When your vehicles leave the yard for the day, you have very little fleet visibility. Customers call in to claim you didn’t service their home, accidents are more common than you would like, and much more. You need a tool that will  allow you to manage your fleet more effectively.

The Solution

The GPS Insight Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions will provide the insight you need to always know what is happening with your fleet. Utilizing this technology will make fleet management easier, yet smarter than ever before.

Vehicles Tracked


Now Valet Waste can investigate public complaints from the “How’s my driving?” stickers on the back of their trucks.


“Now we can validate ‘how’s my driving’ complaints by pulling up GPS Insight and focusing in on the time, day, and vehicle. It is difficult to exonerate or punish an employee based on hearsay and GPS Insight provides the proof.”

Nick C., Regional Manager, Valet Waste

Improve Driver & Public Safety

  • Know when drivers are in reverse
  • Reduce speeding, hard braking/rapid acceleration
  • Dispatch help to employees in emergency situations

Improve Driver Accountability

  • Know real-time status and locations for all vehicles
  • Utilize alerts and reports to monitor and coach driver behavior
  • Verify “How’s My Driving?” complaints from the public
  • Eliminate unauthorized stops and off route usage


Track Your Waste Collection Fleet

Reduce Fleet Operating Costs

  • Cut fuel costs by monitoring idle time, routes, unauthorized use, fuel card activity
  • Reduce labor costs by auditing time cards with time-stamped location data
  • Extend vehicle life cycles with simplified maintenance scheduling & tracking

Integrate with Other Technology You are Currently Using

  • CRM software
  • Accounting Software
  • Routing Software
  • Fuel cards
  • Much more

Ready To Take The Next Step?

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