GPS Fleet Tracking for Oil/Gas/Energy Businesses

The GPS Insight Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions will make your crews safer and streamline your day-to-day operations.

Your Challenge

Your oil and energy business is looking for a GPS tracking platform to give you more insight into fleet activity and ensure crew safety. There are a number of inefficiencies that you are looking to solve with location intelligence.

The Solution

GPS Insight provides the data insight you need to make your fleet more efficient while reducing costs, reducing risk, and increasing revenue.

Vehicles Tracked


icon-quote-left2 TorcSill has been quite impressed with GPS Insight. One example of why is from tracking IFTA miles, which has been extremely streamlined because of your company’s system. icon-quote-right


Amber B., Director of Safety/Compliance/HR, TorcSill Foundations

Use Less Fuel

  • Limit speeding, idling, hard braking/rapid acceleration
  • Reduce vehicle and equipment run-time
  • Eliminate unauthorized usage
  • Verify fuel card expenses

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • Decrease idling, windshield time, and run-time
  • Keep up to date on maintenance
  • Measure Greenhouse Gas emissions

Increase Operational Effectiveness

  • Improve dispatching (right vehicle, right place, right time)
  • Expedite billing, identify crew members for payroll, log pre and post trip inspections
  • Eliminate unnecessary paperwork in the field and in the office

Access to Real-Time Locations of Vehicles and Assets

  • See vehicles on multiple map options to view exact location, status, time on site, and dispatch
  • Know where your mobile resources are in relation to stations, facilities, off-road locations, etc.
  • Select from multiple coverage options to get the best service quality

Improve Crew Safety

  • Monitor driver behavior to reduce accidents and fatalities
  • Ensure your vehicles and equipment are properly maintained and safe to operate
  • Immediately send help to employees in emergency situations

Connect Your GPS Data with Other Software Platforms

  • Easily integrate data via API, webhooks, map overlays, data connect, or data dump
GPS map overlay displaying powerlines

Example map overlay showing powerlines

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