GPS Telematics for Government

Track Municipal, State, and Federal Vehicles

We understand that you are not a commercial business and have different needs and processes.
GPS Insight will tailor a solution for your government fleet.

Do you have problems with:

Getting Accurate GPS Data

Accurately Tracking Alt. Fuel Vehicles

Run Time Reporting On Yellow Iron

Vendor Not Supporting Implementation

Getting Help When You Need It

gov fleet manager

Don’t stress, we will solve these issues for you!

The State of Louisiana is the first to install GPS tracking devices on all the state’s vehicles. We expect to save $30 million over five years by reducing the costs of fuel, maintenance and insurance.

Mike S.

Secretary, State of Louisiana

What sets GPS Insight apart from the rest is the customer service. Whether you are a small fleet or a large fleet, GPS Insight gives you the customer service you would expect and appreciate.

Erik M.

Fleet Manager, City of Conroe

GPS Insight has been by our side every step of the way. The company just didn’t sell the product, but became a partner to us. Feels like family. Thank you for everything you do.

Donna B.

Director of Consolidated Services, Dallas County

Buy with confidence. GPS Insight is listed on these purchasing contracts:

BuyBoard Purchasing

Buy Board Cooperative Purchasing

GSA Schedule

General Services Administration Schedule


National Association of State Procurement Officials

no Telematics budget

Don’t have a budget?

How we can facilitate creating one:

Our consultative approach and pilot process will help you identify specific criteria to accomplish your objectives and the costs associated with them. This information is critical in establishing a budget that meets your objectives and proves the ROI is real.

Telematics budget

Have a budget for Telematics?

How we facilitate the purchasing process:

The challenge can often be determining which solution will provide the most value, and which company will offer the most “post-sale support”. A competitive pilot can ease the pressure of this decision process and ensure the most effective decision is reached.

Reduce Fuel Costs with GPS Telematics

  • Limit speeding and wasteful idling
  • Detect harsh braking/rapid acceleration
  • Optimize routes
  • Eliminate unauthorized usage
  • Reduce run-time
  • Verify fuel card expenses

Improve Public and Driver Safety

  • Reduce accidents and fatalities
  • Ensure your vehicles are safe on the roads
  • Immediately send help to employees in emergency situations

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • Reduce the amount of miles driven
  • Stay up to date on maintenance to control emissions
  • Monitor GHG emissions
  • Track alternative vehicles (Hybrid, Electric, Natural Gas)

Provide Proof of Location or Job Completion

  • Access unlimited historical data
  • Refute claims made by citizens

Engage your fleet with GPS Insight.